Thursday, August 18, 2005

College Bound!

Hey, kids! Mike Giusti here. How's it going? That's fascinating...

I'm officially hijacking Paul's blog again as he is currently college hunting with his wife, Betty, and their son, Cole in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. As of this moment, they are in a meeting with one of the college counselors discussing Cole's future at that particular college. Next, they'll be going to another college for more of the same and hopefully, a little r&r thereafter... Cole is looking to get his degree in business, and I think that's a brilliant decision; this kid's as sharp as a tack, and I remember him when he was just a little kid! It's amazing how much faster time flies the older you get! I can't believe it has been over 13 years since I graduated from college.

As an aside, I know for a fact that Paul has been personally touched by all the emails, letters, and cards he has received from all of you wishing him well. He is almost 100% again, and I know that all your thoughts and well-wishes meant the world to him. And I expect twice as many when I have my next kidney stone!!!

I personally want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Bill Abbott for appearing as my special guest on the Magic Broadcast's Mike on the Mic show. If you missed last Tuesday night's show, it was informative, entertaining, whimsical, and funny as heck. Bill talked about all the ins and outs of his best-selling products, "The Thing" and "Chico, the Mindreading Chimp," available here exclusively at Hocus Pocus! Look for the show when the Magic Broadcast rebroadcasts it in the future. Although I won't be returning to the Broadcast to go live for a couple of weeks, I can guarantee an entertaining and triumphant return when I finish with my move. For those of you who don't know, I sold my house in less than 24 hours (the housing market here is unbelievable) and am moving to the other side of town in order to start another new chapter in my life -- the life of a bachelor! I am actually very excited about it and have a feeling I am going to love my independence.

Tony is actually helping me move this weekend (bless his heart -- a sign of a true friend is helping one move). Speaking of Tony, he is settling in quite nicely here in Fresno, as I promised he would. He has already gotten a weekly gig at a local casino, and the pay truly merits everything that Tony is and has created for himself over the past 20 plus years! Congratulations, Tony!!! Knock 'em dead!

In other news, if you are a performer and like a little mentalism, audience interaction, and perceived improvisation in your shows, I strongly recommend you take a look at the newest Hocus Pocus/Pro Magic Exclusive, "Time Control." This thing is terrific! The effect is that you begin by displaying a prediction hanging on a stand in full view! Explain that you will now ask a volunteer to stand up whenever he wishes during your show. Anytime! He can even stand in the middle of your performance; whenever he feels the urge. Your show begins, and sSometime in the middle of the show the volunteer decides to stand up. You smile because this is the time you wanted him to stand! You then prove it by handing him the prediction envelope that was hanging in full view throughout the entire show and ask him to take out its contents. Inside, the volunteer finds a large, non-working analog kitchen clock with NO batteries! You ask him to compare the time he decided to stand to the time on the large clock. It is the exact same time! Nice!

Also, for you close-up guys, I just received a sample of a new David Forrest effect entitled, "Encased," a Signed Card in Card Case. Since making it visible on the web site, we've already taken dozens of phone calls and email inquiries about this item. Although it is scheduled to ship next week, I would strongly recommend you take look at it if you are a close-up or walkaround worker. I have taken a look through it and can't wait to sit down and play around with the possibility of adding it to my repertoire (as it takes up virtually no room and doesn't interfere with my existing routines).

Well, that about covers it from this corner of the desk. Thank you for checking in from time to time, and we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week.


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