Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Post Swap Meet

Last week, as many of you know, was our 2nd Annual Hocus Pocus Swap Meet & Get-Together.
As promised, here is the full report along with photos:

To say it was a rousing success would be an understatement; last Friday, around noon, vendors and lecturers began showing up to set up. Friday evening, Betty and I hosted a dinner for all the lecturers at the famous Joy Luck Chinese restaurant.

All the gang in deep conversation

Dick and Gwen Barry along with Daryl and Allison

Chuck Kirchner and Robert Baxt

Losander and Tony

David Regal enjoying himself way too much

Jay Leslie, my son Cole, and Dean Dill

Jonathan, the Invisible Man, and Betty

Betty makes sure all is going well

Gerald Kirchner stops amidst all the fun

Sharing stories of past performances and magic tricks

A great time and meal was had by all, and we were all entertained during dinner by Dean Dill, Jay Leslie, and Losander, and David Regal. Dean traveled around the table with several puzzles, trying to get everyone to solve them. Even the people around us at other tables got involved in the fun. Before we know it, it was time to go and rest up for the next morning.

At 6:00 AM, I arrived and opened up the store and warehouse, while the rest of the vendors came and set up their wares. This year, we had s many vendors, we had to rent a heated tent to house the overflow.

Before the chaos began inside the tent

Wolfgang Wollet is ready for the rush

Michael Mezmer and his daughter ready for action

Norm Lambert and Dean Dill get ready for the doors to open

R. Paul Wilson and Joe Porper

The doors finally opened and chaos ensued

Daryl and Suds begin demonstrating

Daryl and Allison answering any and all questions

Tim Mannix and Losander demonstrating

Suds' table was completely full

Shoot Ogawa performs his Ninja Rings

Jay Leslie demonstrates behind his booth

The crowds kept coming

Suds was the first lecturer

David Regal performs for Jim Setrakian and the Lamb family

Losander causes his Merlin Wands to move by forces unseen

Dick Barry is always a pleasure to watch

David Regal demonstrates his brand new Trans-Locations coin effect

Dean Dill performs Dean's Box and slays everyone!

My cousin Karen and sister Jan at the registration desk

Tim Mannix monkeying around

The crowds grew as the morning progressed

Losander demonstrating his new Excalibur Table to a mesmerized crowd

My personal favorites: Mark and Nani Wilson signing autographs and taking pictures

Dick Barry performs and answers questions from Billy Gwartney

A view from above

Jay Leslie lectures in his inimitable style

Dean Dill demonstrating the star of his table: Dean's Triangle

Ron Saylor and I discussing his upcoming Bakersfield show!

David Regal hard at play

And the numbers grew in the afternoon

Posing with Mark, Nani, and their Lester Lake Chopper

Daryl's lecture was a phenomenal success

Nani poses with my sister in-law, Susan!

Taking a time out for lunch in the warm winter sun

My son Max generates some revenue to help buy new tires at the $1.00 video booth

And he earned every single cent

Caught up in the midst of all the fun on the phone

Losander's Floating Table was the talk of the convention

The last lecturer of the Day, Losander

Losander proves he is the master of levitation

In my office at the end of the day with Gerald and Chuck Kirchner

Tom Jorgenson was present to draw performers' hands. Here are Ron Saylor's Hands.

Last call before the dealer's room closes

All in all, it was a fantastic and memorable 3 days of magic and comradery. All the events ran smoothly, and believe it or not, we're already in the planning stages for next year's event. I want to personally thank each and every person who attended, and a special thanks to Suds, Jay Leslie, Daryl, David Regal, Shoot Ogawa, Losander, Dean Dill, and Mark and Nani Wilson for all they have done to make this year's event such an overwhelming success! I also must thank my wife, Betty, Mike, Tony and Lisa, Ken and Vinnie, Karen, Jan, Jonathan, and Louis for all their hard work, planning and attention that went into this event.

Below are just a few nice emails we've received from some of the attendees:

Just wanted to send a message letting you know what a great day I had at your Magic swap meet and lectures. "Is this heaven?" No , its Fresno. Was there all day on Saturday, but the time went very quickly. To meet the vendors and magicians that I have seen on the DVD's I have purchased was great. All were very down to earth. Was a great day.

Again, thanks for a day I will never forget.....

Dan Rudolph
Fresno, CA


Thanks for a great weekend of Magic. You outdid yourselves. Service and attention to details was fantastic. Friendly group of people at Hocus-Pocus. Great group of Lecture Magicians. Daryl's workshop was terrific. I hope it was profitable for everyone. I know I spent a few dollars for some great Magic.

Thank You,

Hugh "Skip" Webb

Paul, Tony,

Thanks for a great event. Hope you do it next year too ! All good. No criticisms. You may need more space next year as popularity increases.



My grandson and I enjoyed your Swap Meet & Get-together very much. We met lots of nice people (old friends and new).

Thanks to everyone who worked to make the Swap Meet & Get-together a big success.

Tom Tourville
Goleta, CA

Paul, Betty and the whole wonderful gang at Hocus-Pocus,

Many thanks for the fun time at the swap meet. When it comes to being host all of you are the BEST.

Take care my friend,

Dick Barry

Paul, Betty, Tony & Mike,

Congratulations on the huge success of your Swap Meet! It was run very professionally. I’m looking forward to next year.

Jim Setrakian

Dear Paul,

I wanted to thank you for bringing back a special kind of magic, when I was young and took a trip to the magic shop it was really a magical experience, the owner/operator and his wife cared about magic and the people who came to the shop more than making a buck. They knew their customers by name.

My earliest magic shop experience was with a person named Lee Searles, she and her husband owned the Magic Wand shop near Pasadena CA, although long before the internet it was a shop not unlike yours where the owner really cared about the art of magic and wanted to help the young and old people interested in the art.

You, your wife, your kind personality and your amazing store brought back that magic feeling to me, it is a warm feeling I never thought I would have again and reminds me why I have such a love for magic.

Thank you again for your kind business practices and I look forward to our continuing business relationship in the coming years.


Michael Mezmer

Thanks again to everyone at Hocus Pocus. You are the very best in all
areas. I appreciate how you take care of everyone and what a professional and
friendly atmosphere you have there.


Dean Dill

Until next time,