Friday, January 18, 2008

T-Minus: Hours and Counting...

Hey there, kids. Mike Giusti here.

If you think Paul has the time to write the blog today, you're nutty; the phones are ringing off the hook, guests and lecturers have already started arriving to say hello, and the final preparations are under way for the 2nd Annual Hocus Pocus Swap Meet & Get-Together! All the local media have been going crazy with both newspaper write-ups and television crews filming all of us in preparation for this weekend. One of the highlights is a feature write-up that appeared on the front page of 7, a weekly magazine that is included with the Fresno Bee. See the photo above. The full story can be found here:

How does Paul feel about all this? I think the pic below explains it all:

And before Ragnarok officially begins, here are some photos before the chaos hits:

If you build it, they will come

Pay no attention to the masses behind the curtain...

Inside the lecture curtains

Setting up the tent for additional dealers and guests

What you'll be looking for when you drive into Fresno

Oh, and fear not; we'll have full coverage next week of this weekend, so stay tuned if you can't join us.

Until next time,


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