Friday, February 10, 2006

Magic is the Word!

Lots of excitement happening this week at Hocus Pocus! Magic, magic, magic, coming in, going out... The excitement here still hasn't died down. It seems as though the growth of our customer base has exploded. It's exciting to see that this year promises to be the biggest and best yet!

Last week we got in an item called Magic Postcards. They are extremely well done and quite a value at $8.95 a pack. I think they'd be great to send your customers as a pre-show reminder or a thank you afterwards. Our own Mike Giusti found a better way to use them by purchasing a frame for about the same price as the postcards and mounting them inside. Take a look:

Pretty cool, huh? Mike will adorn the walls of his new home with this and many other magically-themed posters and memorabilia. We can't wait to see it when it's done. Escrow closes for him today, and his final walkthrough yesterday went as smooth as silk.

Last week, we hinted about Robert Baxt doing technical work for a television series. Robert Baxt was involved with coaching the actors to perform magic and brought in Mark Canon to assist with the escape portions. Robert sent photos in this week as well as some information regarding the series:

The episode of the CBS-TV hour long drama series "The Ghost Whisperer" is titled "Miss Fortune" and is scheduled to air on March 10th at 8:00pm. In the story, there are two brother magicians played by actors Jonathan Firth and Orlando Seale. One drowns while doing an underwater tank escape and his brother is haunted by his ghost when he tries to do the same dangerous escape. Only Jennifer Love Hewitt can see the ghost and bring closure to the brothers.

Robert Baxt with Jennifer Love Hewitt (nice work if you can get it)

Coaching Jonathan Firth in full character

Robert with the actors

Last year, R. Paul Wilson showed us an incredible Color Changing Deck routine based on the old UF Grant trick "Cheek to Cheek." We begged him to release it, and with Paul's hectic schedule barely allowing him to breathe, he finally agreed to let us manufacture and distribute this effect. It is highly recommended and worth checking out here!

On the home front, the major remodelling project is finally beginning to wind down. The kitchen is the last room to go, and for the last two night, my eldest son, Cole, has taken on the job of removing all the tile from the countertops. Now, if you don't know how this is done, let me explain: With a crowbar in one hand and a sledge hammer in the other, it's bang and chip, bang and chip! Finally, about 11:00 PM, the job was done and we're left with no kitchen sink, no range top and no stove, which equals no cooking at home for the next two weeks. Perhaps I should take up a career as a restaurant critic as we'll be going out to dinner for a while.

I hope you all have a great weekend while I am sweeping up all the dust from the chipped tile. But, as Betty keeps reminding me, it's going to look fantastic when it's all finished.

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