Friday, April 07, 2006

Just 14 Days to Go!

I apologize for not posting and updating recently, but it's been a little busy around here... As many of you know, about 3 weeks ago, I had some minor surgery and a stay in the hospital, but I've been back and feeling better each day and excited because, in just 14 days, we'll be in our new building! Each and every day, they are taking truckloads of inventory and shelving, etc. and this place is starting to look pretty sparse. Mike will be taking pictures of our progress, and we'll document the entire move here on the blog.

After April 20th, our new address will be:

Hocus Pocus Magic
1492 N. Clark, #104
Fresno, CA. 93703

Our phone numbers and email addresses will all remain the same. If you are ever in our area, we'd love for you to stop by; we'll show you around.

A couple of weeks ago, we asked for you to send in your 8X10 autographed photos to be displayed in our new offices. Since then, we've received many, and I appreciate your efforts. For those of you who still wish to send a photo, we have lots of wall space, and we'd love to have your picture there.

Robert Baxt

We had a couple of visitors this week. Earlier in the week, our friend, Robert Baxt, stopped in for a couple of days to share with us his newest release "ByePod," a vanishing iPod effect. Robert's one of the most creative guys in the industry and always seems to come up with something topical. I'm always amazed at the number of projects Robert juggles, between performing full-time, TV consulting, acting, writing, and producing effects. This fits the bill whether you are a comedy magician or a children's entertainer! It's priced right and the effect is incredible. Check it out on our web site.

Noberto Jansenson

Our other guest this week was Noberto Jansenson from Argentina, who we always enjoy seeing. He spent several days shopping, picking up some new items for his show, and we even tricked him into helping us move! He even appeared as a guest on Mike's radio program for the Magic Broadcast. Listen for it Tuesday, April 11th at 8:15 PM. Mike claims it was the best show he's ever done, and Jansenson cuts loose about performing, being creative, tips on lighting and music, and coming up with original presentations. Don't miss it!

Noberto left this morning for Los Angeles, where he'll spend the next two weeks. From there he flies to Boston, where he is a featured headliners for this year's Cape Cod Conclave. We wish Noberto all the best of luck and a safe trip back home to Argentina until next year's visit.

Noberto and I moving.

Surprisingly, business has been hectic, even with tax time looming. It's the dreaded tax season here. Maybe more people got refunds than ever before.

I'm happy to report that Hocus Pocus has obtained the exclusivity on the new Paul Rohmany line of magic. Several of these items have popped up on our web site but there are much more to come. The Big Ten is a classic example of solid comedy, excellent routining, and audience participation. If you are a stand-up performer or a cruise ship entertainer, the Big Ten has everything you'll ever need, and it packs small and plays HUGE! Look for this on the web site also.

That about wraps it up here on the homefront. Have a relaxing weekend, and don't forget to send us your photos!

Until next week,


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