Friday, August 11, 2006

Bond, James Bond!

Do you remember when you were a kid, there was that one great toy that you treasured more than any other? Mine was the James Bond Attache Case issued in 1969 and sold through Sears & Robuck at the time. I was 10 years old, and it was at the very top of my Christmas wish list. I played with that thing until I wore it out. Last month, when my friend Chris Kenworthey was visiting, he noticed a vintage Man from U.N.C.L.E. magic kit I had displayed in my private collection. We began talking about the toys we had as kids, and I mentioned the James Bond Attache Case. Lo and behold, he had one, mint and in the original box!!! You know, guys, I just had to have this. Chris and I wheeled and dealed and came to a mutually agreeable trade, and when it arrived a few days ago it was like Christmas time all over again for me. Thanks, Chris!

As you may remember several blogs ago, I mentioned purchasing a Cockatoo Circus from Dan McKeon for my son Max. It finally arrived the other day, and Dexter and I unpacked it all and set it up. It is gorgeous! Max is still in Hawaii until Tuesday but he has called repeatedly checking on the status. He's told me all about his excursions snorkeling, swimming and attending luaus, and when I told him that the Circus had arrived, he was ecstatic! I guess this means that as soon as he gets home it's time to go to the pet store once again...

My daughter Renee arrived last night from Santa Barbara in a U-Haul moving van, ready to move into her new apartment this morning. She starts her new job on Monday, so she's going to have a very busy weekend. It's great to have her back home after being gone for the last 6 years!

I've been getting reports from my sources about some of the new items that were featured at the most recent FISM Convention in Sweden. I've been sent samples and have already placed orders for several effects, so stay tuned to the web site the next couple of weeks for updates. There's one I'm particularly excited about that I think will be one of the biggest selling items this year. When I opened the package, read the instructions and watched the instructional DVD, I was blown away. That's all I can give away at this time, so keep your eyes peeled.

One of our good customers and friends, Steven Steele, visited us yesterday. You may remember him as one of the staff members of the Magic Cafe. He enjoyed his time here at Hocus Pocus and picked up a few goodies to take home with him. We always enjoy it when our customers stop by and visit us as it is good to meet face to face. Remember, you're always welcome here at Hocus Pocus if you're traveling our way.

Thanks for all the nice emails about my recent weight loss. I've actually lost another 5 pounds since my last blog, making it a total of 140 pounds lost, and I guarantee it'll never be found again!

I'm looking forward to this weekend as we're going to San Juan Batista for the day to look at antique stores and have a picnic. So whatever you're doing this weekend, be sure to have fun and enjoy yourself.

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