Friday, October 06, 2006

The Final Countdown...

It's official! One week from today, Mike and I will be in Hollywood gearing up for the semi-annual Magic Castle Swap Meet! Mike's bringing along the camera, so there'll be lots of photos to post, and of course, we'll let you know of all the happenings while we were there. Don't forget, if you have the chance to attend, it is next Saturday, October 14th (which is also Mike's birthday).

On the home front, Max was excited to be able to participate in the Fair with his part in the Blade Box Illusion. However, when he began rehearsing, he found he was too tall to fit inside the box. Not that he didn't give it the ol' college try; he really wanted to do this. It killed him to have to give up the opportunity and offer it to someone else more... small.

Just got this email from Paul Stone about an upcoming event he's been advertising in all the magazines. If you're a professional entertainer, we highly recommend this event to you, and as a special bonus, if you decide to sign up and mention Hocus Pocus, you'll receive a $50.00 discount on your registration fee for the event.

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The Magic Round Table Forums have been growing exponentially since we first announced its return. We've added such notables as Marc deSouza, John Mendoza, Peter Loughran, and even the Magic Broadcast! We encourage your participation simply by clicking on the link below:

HOT BUTTON, HOT DEALS! This is a new feature of the web site located on the front page, and it is dedicated to major deals every week on many new and exciting products! For example, this week we showcase The Black Widow and That Bottle Production at a vastly reduced price. Every week there'll be something new as the items will change, so do yourself a favor and check it out every week as the prices are good for only that amount of time.

Spoke to Robert Baxt again yesterday, and he and Ballantine still plan on visiting to play the horses at the big Fresno Fair. They plan on showing up on Wednesday or Thursday, and then we'll all caravan down to Southern California for the Magic Castle Swap Meet. It will be great having lunch with them at Musso & Frank's along with the likes of Joe Porper, Pete Biro, Gerald and Chuck Kirchner, Doug Malloy, Rick Burr, Los Angeles radio personality Shotgun Tom Kelly, Glenn Farrington and his wife, Mike and his girlfriend Julie, and of course, my wife and me. Who knows who else will show up; this luncheon gets bigger and bigger every year, and everyone has a blast!

It's been extremely cold here as the weather was 56 degrees and foggy this morning. We're starting to switch to sweats and jeans and putting the short sleeve shirts and shorts in the drawers. I absolutely love this time of year and relish it because it never lasts long, although the cool weather is a welcomed change.

Before I go, don't forget to check out the web site as a ton of new products have hit the shelves this week, and they are certainly exciting. Do yourself a favor and watch the video of the late Billy McComb performing his Half Dyed Hank routine at the Magic Castle HERE!

So there you have it! Another exciting week at Hocus Pocus and another exciting week to come! I hope you and your family have a safe and fun-filled weekend.

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