Friday, February 16, 2007

A Little Magic Goes a Long Way...

Hey, all. Mike Giusti here with this week's blog.

Paul has been busy all week with a MASSIVE estate that has come through the doors of the warehouse, and it hasn't let up yet. There are things I personally haven't seen in years, and it's taking all my self-control to not pick some of this stuff up for myself...

Thanks to everyone who has sent me emails and phone calls congratulating me on quitting smoking. As of yesterday, it has been 3 weeks and 1 day without a cigarette! I have an ongoing bet with a bartender buddy at one of the restaurants I perform at that whoever went the longest without a cigarette got a free coffee every week from Starbucks. So far, I've received 2 vente non-fat lattes with hopes for a third, fourth, fifth etc. My friend, it seems, is having a more difficult time; it's a really hard habit to break, especially after 20 years. The joke is on him though because as long as I don't light up, I'll always be getting a free coffee. I don't know why, but this has been easier to beat than I originally anticipated. I'm convinced it's a genetic defect. In short, it looks like everyone is getting healthier and healthier here at Hocus Pocus, where the health nuts work!

Tuesday, February 27th on my radio program, the Mike on the Mic Show on Magic Broadcast, my special guest will be creator of Conjunction, Mr. Joshua Quinn. This man is a genius and figured out how to create a linking card effect with ONE business card without any tears, tape, or glue whatsoever! If you tune in, we'll be giving a free Conjunction away that evening. It could be you! Check out the Magic Broadcast for more details.

David Copperfield is going to be here next week, and the radio and television ads are everywhere! Paul is excited to be going as David's Car Prediction effect is one of his favorites, and he can't wait to see it again with a new pair of spectator's eyes. Check this out: David Copperfield has sold more tickets than both Madonna and U2 for the past couple of years!

We just got some news from Mark Wilson, who just called: It seems that Dealer Day has been postponed as it falls on the same day as the Academy Awards, and no one will be able to get anywhere near the Magic Castle. Stay tuned here as we'll find out more details as to whether it will be rescheduled or not.

Ciao for now,


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