Thursday, April 12, 2007

One Day Early, Part 2

That's right, we're a day early again. That's because tomorrow, I'm headin' south! South to Hollywood, California for the semi-annual Magic Castle Swap Meet which hopefully, will be every bit as good as last year's. Of course, we'll start with our ceremonial luncheon with folks like Robert Baxt, Carl Ballantine, Steven Steele, Joe Porper, Pete Biro, Glenn Farrington, Doug Malloy, and who knows who else will show up? Later on, we'll all have dinner at the Castle and watch as Robert MCs the Palace of Mystery show. I know Robert will do a great job hosting Magic Christian and John Cassidy.

Speaking of Robert Baxt, Robert sent me a few photos of the Academy of Magical Arts Awards Banquet, which honored Carl Ballantine with the Lifetime Achievement Award, which was presented to him by actor/comedian/magician Steve Martin. Robert reports to us that it was quite the swanky affair and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Our hats are off to Carl, who certainly deserves this award!

Robert with the "celebrity crowd."

Robert and Lifetime Achievement Award-Winner, Carl Ballantine

Robert with Steve Martin

We had several visitors this week at Hocus Pocus, including our good friend Daisuke Seo of Seo Magic of Japan, who brought many new samples of excellent products that we'll be offering to you very soon! Watch the web site over the next few weeks as they begin to appear. I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised!

Stoil and Ekaterina

On Tuesday, Stoil and Ekaterina dropped in after performing at a private event at Table Mountain Casino on their way back to their home in Los Angeles. What a nice and charming couple they are, and they both had a field day in our warehouse and showroom. They have a terrific act which includes many different costume changes and highlights many unique magic effects.

Ultimate Ring Grinder by Chance Wolf

Speaking of unique magic effects, we here at Hocus Pocus are proud to be the exclusive dealer to carry Chance Wolf's latest creation, the Ultimate Ring Grinder. There is a very good reason the word "ultimate" is in the title, because it really is the best around. It has so many funny and unique features, including a full routine, why not check it out on the web site to see what all the hullabaloo is about?

An Evening with Mark Mason

Don't forget: Monday evening, April 16th at 7:00 PM, Hocus Pocus will be hosting an Evening with Mark Mason! Mark has been a full time professional magician for over 15 years and has performed his unique brand of magic at every type of event imaginable, from small select celebrity parties to the Las Vegas Strip. With his silky skills and fast wit he has rapidly become one of the most sought after magicians in the corporate world. For more information and to participate in Monday's lecture, CLICK HERE.


Max and I finally finished the aviary last Thursday and Friday and released all the doves into their new home. On Friday morning, Max called several local pet stores looking specifically for Bob White or button quail. He was excited to find a store that carried both, and we headed on over almost immediately and bought four Bob White quail and six button quail. Of course, while we were there, Max spotted some beautiful white racing pigeons and a new dove we'd never seen before, called the Diamond Dove. In case you haven't figured out where this scenario is going, they are all now living in the aviary as well. As of this morning, the quails, a few pairs of doves, and the new pigeons have all created their nests and have laid eggs. I guess that's the sign that they are all comfortable and happy with their new home. Next week, I promise to post photos of the completed aviary, so stick around.

And now, it's time for me to pack up and head on over to Hollywood. Don't forget, if you are planning to attend the Swap Meet, be sure to stop me and say hello. I'll be sure and let you all know what great things I've picked up along the way and post photos as well...

Until next time,


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