Friday, May 18, 2007

Private Collection Extravaganza

Boy, how I wish all of you could be here in person this week. Mike and I have been feverishly working on compiling a massive private estate and collectibles list. This is one of the things I enjoy the most. You never know what you're going to see or what's coming in the mail. Check out the photos below of just some of the things you'll be able to purchase is you are an online member as I am going to send out a private email listing this Saturday. It is a massive list with something for everyone, whether you are a children's entertainer or a stand-up comedy magician, and everything in-between. Make sure to click the pictures below to get a bigger and better view:

Just take a look at some of these gems!

Some of the larger items for sale

Items for as far as the eye can see!

A new feature of the web site we've created is the Clearance Product Category where you can save a bundle on various items. Many of you have already found it and grabbed up some major deals. Remember, all the products in this category are new, unused, but limited to stock on-hand. Check it out often as new products are added almost daily.

Hocus Pocus teams up with Jeff Hobson and the Lecture Network, which host live magic lectures over the Internet and so much more! Just another way the Internet brings magicians from all boundaries and backgrounds together directly to your computer! We urge you to check out this new service, and you can subscribe directly through Hocus Pocus by clicking the banner below:

It's back to work on this list for now. Remember, if you are not a member and want to get in on this weekend's massive estate and collectibles event, sign up here.

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