Friday, August 10, 2007

Back From The Beach.

A beautiful view of Carmel, California

The famous Cannery Row

Vacation's over and it's back to work for me. It was great to get away last week. We had a great time sitting on the sand, catching some rays, and just relaxing. The warmest it got was a mere 70 degrees, while here in Fresno, it got up to 108 degrees. While in that wonderful weather, we spent Saturday on the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. We all had a great time, and my favorite was the Arcade. My family had a hard time pulling me away from the Deal/No Deal video game. I was like a kid again: completely out of control. I kept putting in tokens and getting back prize tickets. Finally, we gathered all the tickets (which seemed like thousands) and went to redeem them at the prize counter. All we got were two mini basketballs. Ouch. They probably only cost me around $200.00. LOL. Oh well, it was the fun of the game...

Katy's Place

Sunday, we got up early and drove into Carmel, California, where we enjoyed brunch at Betty's favorite restaurant, Katy's Place. If you ever go to Carmel, you must give Katy's Place a shot. It's small, but the food is phenomenal and plentiful. After everyone had their fill, we strolled down the street and did some shopping (no sign of Clint Eastwood, sorry to say) at the many shops. The first shop, Diggity Dog, a dog boutique, where we couldn't go away without getting something for our two dogs, Buddy and Mugsy. Afterwards, a little clothes shopping, and then we happened upon a really cool secret garden store. I don't know how we've never found this place before on our many trips to Carmel, but there it was, just inviting us in. It was just like a paradise in the middle of the hustle and bustle. While there, I purchased a brand new fountain for my back yard, which I'll be assembling and installing this weekend.

After shopping, we all jumped back into the car and went to Monterey, where more shopping was had by all. We had a nice dinner right on the ocean that evening, and back to the beach house for a good night's rest. We're already talking about our trip next year as the planning has already begun.

Back to School

St. Mary's College

This Monday, we load up the U-Haul and drive my oldest son, Cole, back to college. He has an R.A. position this year, which means he has his own private dorm room. No roommate. He's also excited to have his own kitchen, so he can cook his own meals. We'll be driving back on Tuesday afternoon where my good friend, Robert Baxt, will be arriving in Fresno at about the same time to join us for dinner. He'll be with us Tuesday and Wednesday on his way to the Bay Area for weekend performances. While he's here, we'll also be finalizing the details of his next release through Hocus Pocus, so stay tuned.

Speaking of back to school, Max will be starting his sophomore year of high school the week after. All he's done and talked about this year is his new car, and he's so excited to begin driving and showing it off to his friends and schoolmates. A week ago, he completed his first course in driver's training. To say he's anxious is an understatement.

Just got this note from Cody Fisher regarding a new project he's involved with David Copperfield. Take a look:

Question: What do you get when you cross the focus of an occupational hand therapist with the skills of an accomplished magician?

Answer: “Rehabracadabra!” more commonly know as Magic Therapy!

For the past 7 years Debbie and Cody Fisher have been using magic to create miracles for individuals with disabilities. Cody is a full time magician and his wife Debbie is an occupational therapist and certified hand therapist (CHT). Together they have been using magic as a new therapeutic modality.

Debbie and Cody just returned from Las Vegas where they were asked to be guest speakers at the 25th anniversary convention for David Copperfield’s “Project Magic”. They lectured to magicians and therapist from around the world on the benefits of using magic as a therapeutic treatment technique. Be sure to check out the July issue of Advance Magazine, Debbie and Cody will be the cover story for the special "Hand Therapy Issue". The article will be about Debbie & Cody's work with using magic in the outpatient clinic setting. This concept originated with David Copperfield’s “Project Magic” and Debbie and Cody have taken it to a whole new level! For more information on magic therapy please visit

Cody Fisher, David Copperfield, & Debbie Fisher MS OTR, CHT

Congratulations to Cody and Debbie for doing a wonderful job giving back to the community as they have done for the past 7 years.

So that about catches us up. On a personal note, I want to thank you for keeping us as busy as we've been here at the shop; we like it when we have to run, run, run. Plus, it's good exercise.

Until next time,


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