Friday, February 22, 2008

Almost There...

We are just over a week away from Dealer's Day at Hollywood's Magic Castle, and we couldn't be more excited. Mike is getting his Mac ready for the list of items we'll be bringing with us. A van has already been reserved, and it looks like we'll be heading out very early on Saturday, March 1st to arrive and have lunch with more than a few friends at our regular hangout, Musso & Frank's. We'll be Mark Nelson and Mark & Nani Wilson's guests that evening at the Castle and, of course, take in a few shows that evening at the Castle. The lineup:


Early Performer - David Regal
Late Performer - Mark Haslam


Early Performer - Ted Karmilovich
Late Performer - Will Fern


Mystina & Ice McDonald


Friday and Saturday - Glenn Farrington

The next day, Dealer's Day will officially begin at 11:00 AM and last until around 3:00 PM. Anyone can attend Dealer's Day at the Magic Castle. All you need to do is tell the receptionist that you are a guest of Hocus Pocus, and you're in! We will be located where we were last year downstairs near the W.C Fields Bar. We hope to see and meet many of you there.

On the home front, Mike Giusti has updated Trick Talk MagiCast, and the latest episode hosts Phenomenon's very own Guy Bavli. Within mere hours of uploading, it received over 120 downloads! Check it out along with the past episodes here:

It's been 3 weeks since Paul Romhany started blogging for Hocus Pocus, and we couldn't be more impressed with not only the number of readers he's received, but the quantity and quality of the information he's shared. The latest offering is a real treasure trove of stories, interviews, and honest product recommendations. We're extremely happy that Paul is on board, and judging by the email responses and those of you who I've spoken to over the phone, you are as well. I speak to Paul almost every day, and he's tipped me about some of the special guest interviews he has planned as well as other treats, and trust me when I tell you: you don't want to miss it! Make sure you grab a cup of coffee, as Paul says, sit back, relax, and take a gander at his blog, located here:

The Flu has flown!

We were down to a less-than-skeleton crew last week as the recent flu bug wreaked havoc on the Hocus Pocus staff. Happy to report that everyone is back and we're at 100% again. I have to admit that even though there were only a few left last week, it was a bit nostalgic finding myself running the place almost by myself, reminding me of the old days. It was great fun to be in the thick of it again, and took lots of calls from some of you I haven't spoken to in quite some time! However, when the staff began to return, I was happy to have everyone back. Hopefully, the dreaded bug hasn't hit you and you've managed to avoid it.

My son, Max, hasn't stopped grinning from ear to ear since last Friday, when his car was finally delivered after a major overhall in the shop. Power steering, new brakes, and air conditioning, and other miscellaneous features were installed to the world-famous 1969 Chevy Nova. He's been patiently awaiting its return for the last 2 months for all to be done. Since its return, he's been more than happy to run Betty and I to the grocery store or any odd errands that need to be done. The next step is new upholstery and new tires, but he doesn't want to let the car go again for that long, so he's going to hold onto it for a few weeks before getting it to the upholsterer. Each time we take it out for a drive, he's had many people admire the car, and he beams with pride and delight at their accolades.

Wedding Bells

Exciting news: I am happy to report that my good friend Robert Baxt finally popped the question to his girlfriend, Yumi, and she said yes! Officially engaged, both plan to be married sometime this Summer. Betty and I had the chance to meet Yumi for the first time last Thanksgiving, and found her not only to be charming, but very good for Robert! Congratulations, Robert and Yumi. Here's to a lifetime of happiness!

So there you have it: lots o' stuff happening, as always, with us here at Hocus Pocus. I hope to see those of you who can make it next weekend at the Magic Castle Dealer's Day on March 2. And don't forget -- Monday, March 3 at 7:00 PM, we will be hosting a lecture by Joshua Jay. Reserve your seats now if you already haven't done so, and we hope to see you here at Hocus Pocus.

Have a great weekend.

Until next time,


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