Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cool Customers

Saying "thank you" just doesn't seem like enough. As many of you know, just two weeks ago we put out a call for help for the Losander family, and help you did! Donations have poured in from all corners of the globe, and we are overwhelmed and humbled by your graciousness and thoughtfulness in the Losanders' time of need. Betty spoke to Losander just the other day, and the baby is doing well. Each day, she gets stronger and stronger.

The Losander auction items have gotten quite a bit of action as well. We are very excited to add a special memorabilia package donated graciously by Mark and Nani Wilson. Please take a few moment to visit the auction page HERE before the close of Monday, July 14th. Special thanks to all the donors and contributors of the auction are in order, and remember, all proceeds will go straight to the Losander family to help pay for the hospital bills.

Again, we cannot thank you enough for your generosity and giving in this special time of need.

On the home front, our good friend and magician extraordinaire Cody Fisher and Hocus Pocus have once again teamed up to bring you two brand new and exciting audience-tested routines! First is Razor Shots, a razor blade eating effects that is unlike any other on the market! Extremely practical and logical, your audience (including magicians) will NEVER see this coming! All the special components for this effect have been ordered, and Razor Shots should be available for delivery by the end of this month! We have a special pre-order price and free shipping deal for all you early birds, so act now before this deal disappears! You can check out Razor Shots HERE!

The second item is Cody's $200 Dollar Card Trick. I've been pleading with Cody to release this for years, and Cody finally buckled under the "pressure." I made him an offer he couldn't refuse. This is, without a doubt, one of the greatest routines and presentations that is perfect for parlor or stage workers who wish to invite their entire audience in to their show. You'll receive everything you need to perform this hilarious routine, including full performance rights. This, like Razor Shots, will be ready for delivery in late July. Remember, both of these items are audience-tried-and-tested with all the nuances and patter included in each effect's instructional manuscripts. Check it out HERE!


It's no secret that one of the biggest-selling effects is Jim Rosenbaum's The Gecko! Jim and I have been discussing and developing a contest that we'll be unveiling next week on the front page of our web site. All I can tell you is that there will be some great prizes, and if you're one of the first 25 participants, you will be instant winners of special prizes selected and extra-special prizes for the top-10 winners! So all you Gecko owners, get your thinking caps ready, because we want to see your best Gecko routines. We are looking for Gecko content including some of the following (but not limited to):

*Gecko routines (vanishes, transpositions, etc.)
*Gecko hook-ups (typical and alternatives)
*Gecko handling (smooth vanishes, gimmick clippings, etc.)
*Plus, other suggestions or creative solutions

So get your creative juices flowing and check the front page of our web site this coming Tuesday for all the details!

Yesterday, it was a whopping 112 degrees here in Fresno, California! Today, the weatherman tells us that it's going to cool down to a brisk 110 degrees. Oh boy! So with that in mind, Betty, Max, Cole and I will be taking off tomorrow to Monterey, CA. to enjoy the cooler weather (70 degrees tops, according to and maybe even check out the PCAM Convention going on.

So stay cool and we'll see you here next week.

Until next time,


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