Thursday, October 16, 2008

What Came First, The Chicken Or The Allakazam Egg?

Well, we hinted, we teased, we kept you on the ropes for a while, but no more; as many of you have noticed, our latest project with Mark and Nani Wilson, The Allakazam Egg, is now available! After our last successful venture in the production of the limited edition Allakazam Hat (now completely sold out), I wanted to release another Allakazam gem. From personal experience, I always wanted to perform the classic Silk to Egg effect, and had for many, many years. It was actually Mark Wilson's version that I performed on stage, and it got many rave reviews, even from other magicians. Mark's handling and presentation just makes sense. No awkward handling or moves to concern yourself with; everything makes perfect sense from start to finish! So, it only made sense to approach Mark and Nani again with the idea of putting this on the market. Both agreed, and the venture began.

Starting in February of this year, we began to search out the perfect egg to use for this effect. Unfortunately, after viewing many samples sent to us, we were just not satisfied with what was offered. It quickly became clear to all of us that in order to offer the Rolls Royce of this effect, it needed to be started from scratch, and so we had the egg custom made to Mark's exacting specifications. I am thrilled to say that we found a manufacturer to do just that, and the result is amazing -- we believe this is the best looking Silk to Egg gimmick ever offered! Couple that with the included accessory package and personal performance and instructional DVD featuring highlights in handling and routining by the master himself, this is the definitive work on this classic effect. Period. Back that up with our unconditional money-back guarantee, this is an offer that cannot be beat. I urge you to take a look HERE!

Mark and Nani have given so much to the world of magic, and this latest offering is just a small sample of their wealth of magic knowledge. I am extremely proud and honored to be able to offer this second in what I hope to be a long series of Allakazam classics.

While on the subject of Mark and Nani Wilson, I'd like to congratulate Mark on winning the well-deserved and prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award presented to him last week at the World Magic Awards in Los Angeles. This entire show will be broadcast in the next few weeks, so check your local listings for more information.

Paul Romhany

Other exciting news at Hocus Pocus: our good friend, Paul Romhany and I have embarked on a new endeavor. If you are a bonafide magic dealer reading this blog, we will be offering a selection of Paul's effects at wholesale prices! Paul's line has been exclusive to Hocus Pocus for the last 4 years, and all of his effects are commercial, audience-tested, and have a proven sales track record. Both Paul and I are excited to offer his magic to the mainstream, and if you are interested in carrying his products, please contact me toll-free 800-407-4040 or email

Other exclusives we've obtained this week and are very excited about are 3 new Max Krause items, B.T.I.L., Supreme Serial Killer, and The Necklace. All are excellent and highly unique effects that stand out from all the rest. This is the kind of stuff we really like at Hocus Pocus, and they will set you apart from every other magician out there. We appreciate Max Krause for choosing Hocus Pocus to be the exclusive dealer for his fine items. Check them out on our web site.


Speaking of effects that make you stand out, our good friend, Jay Mattioli has released his version of the classic effect, Sands of the Desert he calls "Sandz." This is one classy outfit that will be the centerpiece of any performer's act. Jay has put his spin and handling on this effect and has updated it to today's performers' standards. Mike listed it yesterday, and in less than 24 hours, 6 units have been purchased already. I predict this will be one of Jay's most popular effects released to date. Check it out HERE!

Ground Control To Major Tom

Richard Garriott

Congratulations to our friend, Richard Garriott, who became the first second generation American in space, and also the sixth private astronaut client of Space Adventures, as well as the first magician in space! Richard is an avid collector of magic apparatus and automatons. You can read up on Richard's adventures in space HERE!

Tomorrow, Betty and I will be heading south again to Hollywood for the bi-annual Magic Castle Swap Meet Saturday morning. It's always fun to attend because you never know who and what you'll see. As always, I'll have my eyes peeled for any rare, unique, and one-of-a-kind bargains. I hope to see you there, and if you see me rushing past, stop me and say hello.

Last week at the end of my last blog, I made mention of the current economic situation, and I must say that I appreciated all the email and phone messages expressing your views and appreciation, candid and otherwise. It really is important for us not to forget the true power we have as performers and entertainers. In difficult times like these, entertainers are very often called upon to make people laugh and forget about their problems. Remember, no problem is too big to overshadow the most important things in life. As I said before: family, health, and friends -- these are the things that truly matter. Now is the time to use your talents to uplift, excite, and inspire. The results will be amazing.

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