Friday, April 10, 2009

Fond Memories of an Afternoon of Allakazam

They came, they saw, and they learned magic. That pretty much sums up what happened here last Saturday here at Hocus Pocus during our Afternoon of Allakazam event! Mark, Nani, and good friend, Mark Nelson arrived last Friday evening, and we had an amazing barbecue and a great time reminiscing and sharing stories about magic, magicians, and their travels. Saturday morning, I picked up Nani at the hotel and brought her to Hocus Pocus where she set up for the day's activities. Around 12:00, our guests began to arrive, and there was a real buzz in the air in anticipation for what was about to happen! At 1:00 sharp, to an audience of 105 people, I introduced Mark Wilson. For the first hour, the afternoon began with a video presentation of Mark and Nani's career and some of their accomplishments in magic. Mark shared stories and his experiences about how it all began, how he met Nani Darnell, and getting their television show on the air. Before you knew it, the first hour was finished and it was time for a short break.

After the break, it was time to begin Magic University! For the next 2 hours, Mark performed and then expertly taught each trick in detail, supplying all the necessary props to do so for each student in attendance. There were tricks with corks, ropes, napkins, playing cards, money, and a special bonus effect where a borrowed bill with a torn corner ended up inside a Chapstick tube held by another spectator across the room! As an added bonus, Mark and Nani performed the Allakazam Egg and for the finale, Nani even coaxed him into performing his famous Color Changing Knife routine!

The audience in preparation, minutes before the event begins

My introduction

Introducing Mark Wilson

The Afternoon of Allakazam begins

A packed house of eager students

Mark and Nani speaking about their vast career in magic

Magic University begins with the 2 Cork trick

Mark demonstrating solid through solid

Impossible? Not for Mark Wilson

Next was tricks with rope

Check out everybody learning the routine

Even Renee and Nani got into the act

Mark's famous Torn & Restored Napkin trick

Mark performs his Borrowed Bill to Chapstick routine

Mark and Nani perform their famous Allakazam Egg effect

To perform the Allakazam Egg, you need your magic coin

Presto! The silk turns into an egg! Or does it?

Peeling the spot off the egg

Cracking open the egg into a glass

Mark and Nani perform Mark's version of Paul Curry's Out of This World

Heartfelt tribute to Nani had everyone feeling the emotions

Mark and Nani thank everyone for coming to An Afternoon of Allakazam

A very happy Mark Wilson

Nani and Renee manning the Allakazam merchandise tables

I've had so many positive emails and phone calls about this event. The most incredible part is the mix of people who attended; there were men, women, grandparents with grandchildren, teenagers, and every single person in the room was spellbound throughout the day. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, walked away with special memories and the new found abilities to perform every single magic trick they were taught that day. It was truly magical to bring a bunch of strangers together for several hours in an afternoon and and watch them become part of a small family together as they learned and watched together. And I must mention that Mark is still the grandmaster of magic, performing each effect flawlessly and teaching in great detail, so that no one felt left out.

This afternoon's event is proof that Mark and Nani's creation of the new Magic University program is an important and significant contribution to the art of magic! Young or old, male or female, imagine getting 3 personal magic lessons delivered to your email inbox per week from none other than Mark Wilson. I think that it's a pretty incredible deal, and I urge you to read more about it HERE!

I said it before, and I'll say it again until I'm blue in the face: No one has contributed to and done more for the art of magic than Mark and Nani Wilson. Their long and exciting career has spanned the globe and touched countless lives, and they continue to do so to this day! And speaking of special accomplishments, tomorrow, Saturday, April 11th is Mark's 80th birthday! So why not drop him a line and wish him a happy birthday at

For me personally, Mark and Nani: you both know how special you are to me. I'm honored to call you my friends and Mark, I wish you the happiest of birthdays for tomorrow and for many years to come!

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