Friday, May 05, 2006

What a Week It's Been!

Well, we're finally all the way moved into the new building and everything is put away and organized and I must say, it looks outstanding. We'd like to invite any of you, whether you are local or out of town to please stop by any time! We'd love to see you and show you around the new place. Again, I want to thank everyone who sent in their 8" X 10" photos. We received over 2 dozen within the last week, and we're putting them up as fast as they're coming in! It's exciting to see the mail every day as we get a chance to finally put the pictures to the names. Keep sending them our way!

If you're an online member, be watching your email very soon as you'll be receiving a special members-only announcement along with a free gift. It's just our way of saying thanks for all your support!

The hot new 3rd Degree Burn finally arrived today. We shipped over 250 of them over the morning and afternoon and still have plenty to fill any new orders. If you want a totally impromptu, anytime, anywhere effect, this is a must-have. You'll never leave home without this precision-made gimmick, and it's and effect you're audience won't forget. If you don't believe me, check out the online video!

In other news, we just received a brand new product imported from Italy called the Devil's Candelabra! If you're a mentalist or into Bizarre Magick, this is a great utility prop that doesn't look like a prop at all! Extremely well-made and an exceptional value for the price, you won't be without this. There is a limited supply of these, and when they're gone, we don't know whether we'll be able to get any more, so order yours today!

Another new product from Mephisto Magic Studios is The Shining, a great effect utilizing a real Tarot deck and would be perfect used in conjunction with any of the effects above! There are more new products that Mike has added, so go over to the Hot/New section to see them.

Turtle Haven

My son, Max, decided that he wanted to buy a baby red ear slider turtle. You might remember these as a kid; they're the tiny ones that used to be sold everywhere. Well guess what? They're not anymore! After several weeks of searching relentlessly, we found only one pet shop in the entire city that still sells them. As part of the yard work he did, I promised to buy him one. Ah, but it's never that simple, is it? There's the bowl, the food, and the filter. As soon as we got to the pet store, the owner informed us that we really should have two to keep the other one company. To make a long story short, we have four!!! So that makes 15 tropical fish, 4 turtles, 10 Coi in the Coi pond, 2 dogs, and a partridge in a pear tree. Just kidding. Maybe I should rename Max Dr. Doolittle!

And before I close, I must mention the passing of the great Billy McComb. Not only was Billy one of the best performers I've ever seen, he was also one of the nicest people you could ever meet. No matter who you were or where you were, you were never a stranger to Billy. The magic world will, of course, never be the same.

Hoping the weather here stays cool and sunny this weekend because I have lots to do. Enjoy your weekend and your family.

Until next time,


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