Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy 51!

Happy Birthday, Paul!

It's me, Mike Giusti, overtaking the blog as Paul takes some time off to celebrate his birthday. On behalf of all the employees at Hocus Pocus, I want to take a moment and wish Paul a happy 51st birthday! Thank you all who sent birthday emails and phone messages this morning as well. Hopefully, he's resting and relaxing, which is somewhat alien to Paul.

Starting Tuesday night at 8:15 PM, I'll be taking phone and email submissions for the Most Embarrassing Moments Contest, a semi-annual contest I run on the Magic Broadcast. The winners (we will be choosing 2 this year) will receive a Bowling Pin Production by Michael Mode and various videos and DVDs, thanks to Hocus Pocus and Magic City! Simply tune in and participate by submitting your Most Embarrassing Moment while performing for friends, family, clients, etc. in email form to or call in toll-free at 888-851-1534. You can enter as often as you like with more than one embarrassing moment, and the winners will be announced live on the air Tuesday, September 19th on the Mike on the Mic radio program! See you there!

I've been working feverishly (my temperature averages 103 degrees on a daily basis here) on putting up hot, new products on the web site. Just in the last two days, you may have noticed a slew of unique magic offerings from Hocus Pocus. And there's more to come so stay tuned to the website for more updates!

Have yourself a wonderful Labor Day Weekend, and we'll see you next week!


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