Friday, December 08, 2006

Warp 5, Captain!

It's definitely looking a lot like Christmas here at Hocus Pocus. To quote Mr. Scott from Star Trek, "We've got 'er at warp 5, Captain!" As fast as the orders are coming in, and I do mean they're coming in, they are going out the door just as quickly! My sister runs the shipping department and does an excellent job, as always! Remember, if you are purchasing for the holidays, the Post Office is now saying that anything shipped after December 11th by Parcel Post may not reach you in time for the holidays. You may wish to consider soon upgrading your shipping options. Rest assured that Hocus Pocus will do everything we can to make sure you receive your packages on time. Here's a quick shot of JUST the back of the shipping department with orders ready to ship out today!

Can you see your order in here?

Even though we live in California, and last time we saw snow here in Fresno was over 30 years ago, the weather here has been below freezing every single night for the last two weeks, and although that might not be cold for some of you, here in California, THAT'S COLD! Every morning windows, grass, rooftops, and cars are frozen over with frost. That's as close to a white Christmas as we'll probably get.

Last week, I talked about the upcoming Hocus Pocus Swap Meet this January 20. I'm happy to say that we'll have two guest lecturers that day: Dick Barry and Mark & Nani Wilson! It's turned into a one-day mini convention. We've already taken several reservations for tables, and if you want to join in to sell your magic wares, contact us here at or 800-407-4040. We're extremely excited about this event and look forward to seeing you here.

Proud new parents, Chance and Shelley Wolf

Congratulations to Chance and Shelley Wolf of Wolf's Magic as they celebrate the birth of their first child, a brand new baby boy! I spoke to Chance earlier in the week, and I could tell from his tone, that he was beaming at the prospect of being a new dad. What better Christmas gift could anyone receive?

On the home front, all our Christmas shopping is done, which is record time for us! With four children and other relatives to buy for, we're usually shopping right up to the last minute. My son Max checks the bottom of the Christmas Tree regularly, just to see if there are any new gifts for him. Betty has made it harder to guess what's inside this year as she's disguised every single one of his gifts. It's driving him crazy, and if you think I'm going to hint at what some of them are here, you're nuts; I know Max reads this...

We hope your holidays and bright, cheerful, warm, and cozy this year as you spend them with your family and loved ones. Remember, don't let the fact that we only have 16 days left until Christmas drive you crazy; relax and enjoy and take each day in stride.

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