Thursday, May 22, 2008

16 With A Licence To Drive!

We knew the day would come and how fast time has passed: yesterday, Wednesday, my son Max took his driving test and passed it with flying colors. He is now legally licensed to drive in the state of California, so watch out! Last night on my way home, he passed me going in the opposite direction in his Nova, and boy was it strange seeing him alone in his hot rod driving away. To say he's excited about this new aspect in his life is an understatement... You can see it in his face:

Max looking cool in his 1969 Chevy Nova

Off he goes...

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, and I'll be taking time off Friday through Monday to spend with my family. I have lots planned including tomorrow, I'll be working in the yard which has become my favorite past time. Saturday, we head over to my sister in-law's to celebrate her son's engagement with a barbecue and get-together. Sunday, graduation parties to attend and Monday, Betty and I are planning on checking out the new Indiana Jones flick. The four days will be nice, but I know they'll fly by, so I plan on enjoying each and every moment.

Speaking of graduation, my son, Cole, will be moving back home this weekend as he finishes his second year of college. He put in several applications for a Summer job and knowing him, he'll be busy from dawn 'till dusk.

My daughter and her fiance, Jonathan, just returned home from Disneyland where they had a great time and enjoyed themselves immensely:

Living la vida loca in Disneyland

Like being trapped in Disneyland is a bad thing...

May has been one busy month for Mike; on top of working at Hocus Pocus, hosting a weekly radio show, performing at restaurants along with all the magic shows he's been booking in 100 degree-plus weather, his band, Smoke Break, has rapidly become very popular. So popular, in fact, that they are in demand and playing live from one to three times per week at prestigious hang outs, bars, and clubs here in Fresno. He'll be spending Friday and Sunday performing magic at his weekly restaurants and then Sunday evening playing with Smoke Break at a wedding for five hours. Good luck, Mike!

From left to right: Mike Giusti (basses, vocals and keyboards), Dean Felix (vocals, guitar), and Jason Adcock (guitar)

Singing, playing bass and keyboards is tricky stuff.

Mike and Dean

Chad Kayajanian on drums and percussion

On the home front, since Memorial Day is around the corner, if you are an online member, we're giving you a heads-up: expect a very special email Saturday afternoon with a special announcement for members only that I'm sure you'll all be pleased to receive. If you are not yet a member, you still have time to sign up.

However you celebrate your Memorial Day Weekend, make sure to stay safe and enjoy it!

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