Friday, May 30, 2008

What's With This Weather?

Last weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, was a time that is usually spent sitting around the pool, catching some rays, and enjoying a barbecue with your family. Not this year. Believe it or not, it was in the low 50s, cold and windy, and pouring rain until midday Monday. No one could believe it; the weekend before had been 104 degrees! Go figure. Today, as I write the blog, it's a cool 75 degrees outside. Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall? Which is it? Hopefully, the warmer days are just around the corner now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Tommy Wonder Diminishing Cards

We've been extremely busy this week, even busier than usual for this time of year. The Tommy Wonder Diminishing Cards arrived at the beginning of the week, and all pre-orders have been shipped. We're almost sold out of the first batch and are anxiously awaiting our second shipment to arrive in 7-10 days.

The Gecko is finally here!

Another exciting product is Jim Rosenbaum's Gecko! In the works for over a year, this multi-purpose utility device will vanish, exchange, or cause objects to appear in impossible locations! If you have a few minutes, go to the web site and check it out because later on, we'll be posting a video demo of some of the effects possible with this amazing device!

The Allakazam Hat

We've gotten so much positive response from those of you who have purchased this fantastic item. There are only 5 Allakazam Hats with the included Memorabilia Package available as of this writing, so if you were interested in obtaining one, do not hesitate. When they are sold out, there will be no more as this was a limited run of only 50 pieces. Mine is displayed proudly in a custom made table and display case (seen above), and I proudly showcase it here in the storefront. Again, I can't thank Mark and Nani Wilson enough for allowing Hocus Pocus to bring you this once-in-a-lifetime piece of magical history!

On the home front, Max, Cole, and I built a large planter this week behind our Coi Pond, and it couldn't look more fantastic. Yesterday, five and 1/2 yards of topsoil was delivered, which Cole and Max spent the better part of the afternoon filling the planter. Tonight and tomorrow, we'll spend planting ferns and other greenery to accent the Coi Pond and waterfall. I look forward to it; in my other life, I must have been a frustrated landscaper.

Betty and I checked out the new Indiana Jones film last weekend, and enjoyed it very much. Although it has been met with mixed reviews, we both gave it two thumbs up and hope it's not another 20 years before another.

For those of you who don't know, our very own Mike Giusti grew up an avid comic book reader and collector. Over ten thousand comic books stored in plastic bags and in boxes, he is running out of room at home. And you thought my ball vase collection was bad. His desk at work and the walls behind are all decorated with his favorite character of all time: The Incredible Hulk! Even before the popular television show with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno hit the air, Mike had over 100 Hulk comic books to his collection, so he knows the character inside and out. The only issue he is missing is issue #1 which goes for more than Mike's entire magic entourage is worth. My point to all this is that there's a new Incredible Hulk movie (they're calling it a requel, a combination of a redo and a sequel) coming out June 13th with a brand new cast, including Edward Norton as Bruce Banner, Liv Tyler as Betty Ross, William Hurt as General Ross, and Tim Roth as the Hulk's nemesis, the Abomination. Mike has been geeking out every time a new movie and television clip is released. I have to admit, as much as I didn't care for the last Hulk movie in 2003, this one looks darned good. It's the Hulk movie everyone wanted to see back in 2003 and much more. Now all Mike has to do is figure out how to dye his skin green. No, kidding; I think he really wants to do this. OK, Mike has begged me to put a link on the blog for those of you who want to check out more:

On a personal note, thanks to all of you who take time to read our little blog and the nice emails and comments we receive about it. I really appreciate it more than you know.

Have a great weekend.

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