Thursday, June 05, 2008

Getting While the Gecko's Good

The phone rings. It's an order for the Gecko. The email alert goes off. It's another order for the Gecko. The fax machine receives a fax. It's yet another order for the Gecko. Gecko, Gecko, Gecko, that's the buzz word at Hocus Pocus these last few days. In case you are living in a cave, Gecko by Jim Rosenbaum, is the hottest ticket in magic-dom at the moment. Nothing else this year has even come close. This is an exciting project that Jim let us in on about a year ago in its early stages of development, even sharing early prototypes with us. He has had major input from major players in magic to help bring his vision to completion.

I truly believe in this product and think that if you're looking for a utility device that has multi-functionality and doesn't cost an arm and a leg, the Gecko is for you. Please check out the online video demo on the web site to see all the possibilities the Gecko has to offer and get your Gecko on today.

Cole: a chip off the ol' block.

Many of you have noticed a new voice on the phone here at Hocus Pocus, and I'm proud to say that my oldest son, Cole, is filling in during his Summer break from college. He'll be answering the phones, taking orders, and even helping out in the shipping department from time to time along with assisting Ken in customer service. Who knows; maybe he'll be sitting in the captain's seat before too long... Make sure you introduce yourself the next time you call.

Paul Romhany's latest effect, Lemon Tree, just arrived and all pre-orders are shipping today. We still have a limited supply left if you are interested in something completely different for your shows. I begged Paul for over a year to release this routine, which he finally agreed to, but only in a limited amount.

Robert and Yumi

Congratulations to Yumi Homma and Robert Baxt on their wedding announcement, which was just received in today's mail. August 2nd is the big day, and they'll be enjoying an afternoon wedding at a private residence. Betty and I are very happy for Robert, and we think the world of Yumi. We look forward to spending their special day with them.

Going to take this Friday off for a little rest and relaxation after a very busy week. Make sure you tune in to VH1 tonight for the finale of Celebracadabra. Check your local listings for times. I'll definitely be checking it out.

So remember, the secret word is: Gecko. Gecko, Gecko, Gecko.

Until next time,


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