Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Goodbye, Johnny

The recent passing of Johnny Carson this week brings a great sadness to my heart. Johnny was like a member of the family as my parents used to watch him every night. I was supposed to be in my room asleep, but I could still hear the interviews, monologues, and laughter not only from the TV audience, but from my parents as well...

As soon as I was old enough to stay up that late, I rarely missed a show. In fact, in my youth, it was one of the only ways for me to see any magic acts at all! As I'm sure you all know, Johnny started out as a magician and faithfully practiced the art his entire life. Occasionally, you might catch him perform a quick close-up trick on the Tonight Show, but it was a rare moment.

When you think about all the successful entertainers Johnny was responsible for introducing to America, it's truly amazing. And the best part of all was that Johnny always let them bask in their glory; he never tried to upstage anyone! That is what made him so special. He was a natural talent, and one from whom any entertainer could learn. Whether it was Karnak the Great, Art Fern, or just an interview with that crazy woman and her animals, there was no shortage of entertainment on the Tonight Show when Johnny was a part of it. No one will ever be able to replace him. What a gift it was for me, and anyone else who watched him work! Johnny may be gone, but he'll never be forgotten...

Back on the home front, as you recall on the last post, I told you about a massive Estate/Private Collection being compiled in the form of a Member email. Mike & I have worked feverishly to all hours of the day and night (along with the help of some friends) to prepare these lists just for you. Look for the first of four to get to you sometime this evening. Those of you with SPAM filters: make sure you receive our list as well as sometimes your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will misinterpret the list as SPAM.

If you are reading this today, Wednesday, January 26th, the first of four lists will be sent this evening to all online Members.

I'll sign off now; my son Max is starring in his school play, the Wizard of Oz, tonight. Who knew that show business ran so rampant within the family? Watch for my review in the next post...


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