Thursday, February 24, 2005

Big News!

Some big news happening around these parts.

I spoke to Paul Kozak this morning, and he couldn't be more excited. Originally, he had been scheduled to be the emcee at the World Magic Seminar awards show. At the last minute, they asked him to close the show instead. Being the steadfast pro that Koz is, he said yes, of course. He brought down the house by ending his entire performance with his salt pour routine. Everyone went crazy! Paul told me that his only regret was that it wasn't captured on film.

My friend Tony Blanco also shared a great story about the WMS:

No one ever really knows what going to happen (i.e. guests stars). The curtain opens and a video starts with words in the clouds. Imagine, Dream... and I am thinking "David Copperfield?" Then comes a voice-over narration and yes -- it's Copperfield voice. The video screen lifts and out comes David. Standing Ovation. He then goes into his welcome and starts the show with his hand gag.

Out from the wings runs a stagehand whispers something and runs off David looks back and says "You mean this isn't the MGM?" Sh*t."

The MC for the afternoon comes out and says, "I guess $60,000 doesn't get what it used to."

I'm pleased to announce that we will be carrying a few of the highly coveted Finn Jon products (you probably already noticed the "Finn Jon Smoke From Anywhere" making its appearance). Stay tuned as we'll be highlighting and showcasing them on the Hocus Pocus web site.

I'm also very pleased to announce that after many trials and runs, the Robert Baxt Computer Cutie is being shipped out as I write this, and each one is absolutely gorgeous! Silkscreened on vinyl in vibrant color, you'll be proud not only owning this but performing it as well. Robert really has brought the Bathing Beauty concept into the 21st Century and I'm proud to stand behind it!

An early headshot of PUNX

Ted Lesley sent us, from his private collection, all the props and cases that belonged to the late PUNX. This is his entire Baking a Cake routine that PUNX performed in his shows for many years. If you are a collector or a magic historian buff and interested in purchasing this, please contact me for more information at 800-407-4040.

Also, our very own Jason London has been working with a new supplier of some outstanding mentalism products. I guarantee you've never seen anything like this before. We are very excited about making this new contact and can't wait to be able to offer the line to you.

I am pleased to report that we will have a very exciting announcement come next week. Although I can't go into details now, the results will be evident on the site. Make sure you check it out.

So there you have it. There's one thing for sure: there's never a dull moment around Hocus Pocus.

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