Friday, July 22, 2005

Breaking All Records!

Well, July has come and is almost gone, and we've broken all sales records in our 30-year history in the magic business here at Hocus Pocus! We cannot thank you enough for your continued and growing support for we realize that none of this would have been possible without you.

In other record-breaking news, the heat has not let up. We are in the 13th day of average 107 degree heat with no end in sight! The last time it was this hot in Fresno for this long was in the mid-eighties. Last weekend when I helped my daughter Aimee move into her new apartment, the temperature on Sunday reached a whopping 113 degrees as promised by the good ol' weatherman! When we were done moving, we all decided to take a swim in our pool, and when I dove in, it was like diving into my bathtub as the temperature was 85 degrees! No relief there...

Fish by mail! My son Max has discovered that you can buy tropical fish ONLINE! Who would have guessed it? He currently putting together an order, and it will be very interesting to see just how these fish are delivered. How things have changed since I used to raise tropical fish! It's still a terrific hobby and very relaxing watching, along with my son, the fish swim around.

Hope many of you had a chance to catch the first Criss Angel Mindfreak special on A&E last Wednesday. We enjoyed watching it and are looking forward to the upcoming episodes. Let me know your comments and thoughts here on the blog if you get a moment.

Had a surprise guest this week at the shop. Mark Murphy, owner of Murphy's Magic Supplies, stopped in to visit, take a look at the shop, and talk. While he was here, he and his wife decided to take a trip to beautiful Yosemite Valley, located only 2 hours away! They had never been there before, and I'm sure their camera will be loaded with photos!

Mike's soon-to-be old house in 30 days!

The real estate market is booming here in Fresno despite contrary reports. To give you an example, our own Mike Giusti put his 3 bedroom, 2 bath house on the market Tuesday and it was sold within 24 hours! He got a total of 4 bids and was able to pick and choose which one he liked the best. Congratulations, Mike! Just don't ask me to help you move. Ha!

Once again, thank you for making July an unforgettable month here at Hocus Pocus, and I hope wherever you are is a lot cooler than it is here! Tonight Max and I will put in the online tropical fish order. I'll report back next week.

Until next time,


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