Friday, July 15, 2005


No, that's not my state of mind; it's to remind all of you to watch Criss Angel's TV series, "Mindfreak," starting this Wednesday, July 20th on A & E. Check your local listings for times and show schedules. It was certainly exciting for all of us here at Hocus Pocus to be involved in a small way with this project.

Be sure to check out a brand new Hocus Pocus Exclusive called Kinetink we secured earlier in the week! This comes to us from Craig Matsuoka, and when he first sent the video demo over, I knew it was a winner! Pre-orders are being taken now as only 100 units are being offered. Don't let this one pass you by! Also, be sure and check out Entity by Peter Loughran, a state of the art device that allows you to control and move objects seemingly with only the power of your mind. If that doesn't do it for you, check out the online video and watch for yourself.

In other happenings this week, we're all trying to stay as cool as possible as the temperature has been soaring into the 107-110 degrees and is expected to go as high as 113 tomorrow! And Tony thought he was escaping the Vegas heat... Or perhaps he brought it with him?

Betty just left to take my oldest son, Cole, to get all four of his wisdom teeth removed! Just the thought of it causes my jaws to ache! My daughter, Aimee, is moving into her brand new (and first) apartment this weekend. What better time to move all that furniture than in 113 degree heat! Max, in the meantime, has turned into quite the tropical fish eficionado as he now has a 10-gallon and a 30-gallon tank in his room. He's on the Internet constantly learning about all the different kinds of tropical fish in the world and filling me in on all the details. My oldest daughter, Renee, called me all excited last night to tell me that she has just received a big promotion with Macy's -- she's now going to be a specialist in charge of Macy's exclusive line of women's clothing! Before graduating this year, she had worked with them both part and full-time for two years. She's very excited, and so are we! I have to say I'm truly blessed to have such great kids!

Mike has not been able to look up from his keyboard or do anything else this entire week! On top of moving out of his house and performing in the evenings, I've been having him list all of the Warner pieces on the site I told you about last week! He came up with the "Warner 5-A-Day" idea, and it's a good one; as soon as he lists them, almost all sell right away! Even if you're not a collector of Warner magic, you should still look at the pictures and descriptions as each piece is absolutely gorgeous to look at and unique in their own way!

My sister, Jan, has been gone this week on vacation in Las Vegas. We're all anxiously awaiting her return on Monday. In case you didn't know, Jan almost single-handedly runs the entire shipping department. She does such a good job and makes it look so easy, we sure found out it isn't as easy as it looks! ARE YOU BACK YET, JAN?

So, while we're trying to stay cool this weekend while moving my daughter and the trips to the pet store for more tropical fish for Max (he really wants a pair of Zebra Danos), think of me with cool, cool thoughts. Please.

Until next time,


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