Friday, September 30, 2005

Twice in One Week

We posted earlier on Monday, and now one final post to end the week. And what a week it's been! It seems like this week has gone by so quickly with all the new things happening and all the irons in the fire. In fact, we had to rearrange and expand the warehouse area yet again to make for more product space. Yesterday, we put up more shelving units to prepare for what will surely be one of the busiest holiday seasons to date! In fact, it's already started. We've gotten dozens of orders for Christmas and Halloween effects. The smallest investment in a few of these holiday effects guarantees more income for a performer and puts him ahead of his competition.

On the homefront, we are currently working to get Cole into the beautiful Saint Mary's College in Northern California. It is a rarity of a school and looked highly upon from all over the state of California. Max is still car crazy and comes up with about half a dozen different cars he wants to buy. Everytime I walk by his room, I hear, "Dad, come look at this car!" Thanks to the power of the Internet, my son has probably already started his own car dealership and I know nothing about it!

No rest for the weary as far as Mike and Tony are concerned; they are both booked solid for the weekend with private engagements and restaurants for Mike and birthday parties for Tony. Tony really has settled well here in Fresno, and as he is an attraction from Las Vegas, everyone here is dying to have him at their event.

Jeff Hobson

Special thanks to our friend, Jeff Hobson, who made our day yesterday by sending us some magic and autographed photos. Although the comments are a bit racy to post here, we're still laughing! Thanks, Jeff!

In other news, Criss Angel will be filming his Halloween special beginning Monday at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. Criss phoned me to invite Betty and myself for the taping, so we'll probably take a couple of days to go down, if time allows, and watch the special. Thank you, Criss.

Thanks to all of you who sent email greetings wishing Carl Ballantine a Happy Birthday! He appreciated all your kind words and wanted me to be sure I thanked you here on the blog.

Now that Fall is officially here, I'll be pulling in the patio furniture and weatherproofing my yard this weekend. I'm looking for volunteers. Anyone want to help? Anyone?

Until next time,


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