Friday, October 07, 2005

All Systems Go!

To say that it has been another week of high activity here at Hocus Pocus would be an understatement! There is so much magic bursting at the seams that we cannot make room fast enough to accommodate it!

I was extremely excited to see Icarus Effect come through the doors, and I immediately checked it out. All I can say is, "WOW!" Aaron Paterson has really outdone himself on this one. The comprehensive DVD that accompanies the package is phenomenally well put-together and is clear, concise, and captivating. This has to be the best self-levitation to come out since the Balducci! In case you haven't checked it out yet, take a look!

Another product worth your consideration is "I'm Sitting On It" by Greg Gleason, a fantastic Bill or Card on Seat effect that comes to you as a kit to make your own gimmicked and ungimmicked chairs. I watched the DVD and immediately wanted to put one together myself; it's that fun to watch and extremely motivating! The props constructed are extremely well-made, and the method is different from anything ever offered on the market. And the best part is, you don't have to be Bob Villa to put it together; it is extremely easy and will only take one half hour to assemble. There are no special tools required! Check it out here!

And how can I forget our latest Hocus Pocus Exclusive, Cesaral Time Perfect! If you've ever wanted to perform the now-classic mentalist effect, "Time Prediction," but you didn't want the hassles of extra gimmicks, stalling for time, etc., this is the one for you! The method is completely different from any other, and it's super fast and 100% accurate! The performer never needs to even touch the watch as soon as the effect has begun. I'll give you a hint: if you can push a button, you can perform this trick! Check it out here!

The Fresno Fair

In other news, the big Fresno Fair began this week, and Betty and I made sure we were one of the first people through the door! I love the fair, and so does Betty. It's one of the things we look forward to going to each and every year, and we never miss it! The food is terrific, and the entertainment is unmatched for a family atmosphere. My favorite is the corn dog and this year, I indulged in a foot-long corn dog! Betty loves the cinnamon rolls and soft tacos. This weekend, we'll take the kids so my son, Max, can toss ping pong balls to win goldfish! So far, he's undefeated each and every year! Last year, he won a total of 8 fish! You think he's figured out the method?

It's good to see some of my old friends like Tom Jorgenson and Ernie Guderjahn at the fair this year. Both are extremely talented performers both in magic and in the allied arts. Ernie's Travelling Game Show is one of the biggest attractions at the fair, and Tom is a hot commodity to the fair circuit!

Today, I'm doing double duty as Tony Blanco has flown back to Las Vegas to pick up his remaining storage. He'll be behind the wheel of a 26' truck all day tomorrow. How a little guy can have so much stuff is beyond me! He may even have to go back for a second trip!!! You're insane, Tony! Drive safe.

Mike is going on his third date this Saturday, and he's pacing the joint like he's addicted to prescription drugs! Could this be love? Could it be friendship? Could it be...? Tune in next week to find out the answer, friends. But seriously, we've all been giving him a ration since he's entered the dating game after 14 years. To say he's been nervous is an understatement. This girl he's been dating sounds like she's a pretty cool cookie with a good sense of humor (a must if you're going to spend some time with Mike).

Don't forget -- Halloween is coming. Dust off your Halloween costume, get the candy, and don't forget those Halloween effects. As for me, I'm going into physical training to be able to down another corn dog!

Until next time,


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