Friday, October 14, 2005

Step Right Up!

That's what we'll be saying all day today as Betty, Max, and I will be manning Max's Funny Farm booth at his school's carnival. Last year was our first try, and it was a huge success! Max sold over $600.00 in novelties and gags to his friends and made out like a bandit! All the proceeds went to his school library fund. This year, the organizers called and begged him to come back as he was so successful last year. So, I've loaded up the truck, my car, and I'll be leaving very shortly to help set up and prepare for the throng!

Tony Blanco has graciously volunteered to stop by after work to juggle and perform magic along with balloon animals to draw in more of the crowd. Mike will be stopping by as well to take photos, which we'll be posting here next week for you to see.

Today is our own Mike Giusti's birthday! He's met a very special person, and she, along with his friends, are going out for a night of fun this evening! We all wish Mike a very happy 36th birthday! And we're NOT going to mention the gifts he's received from our staff here at the shop!

Oh yes, welcome to the Hocus Pocus Barber Shop! To prove that I don't allow Tony any time off, our friend Louis (who Mike pointed out eerily resembles Dean Dill) gives Tony a quick clip & dip at his desk. Whoever said Hocus Pocus isn't a full service shop? Watch out, Dean!

Louis has his work cut out for him.

Is this how Dean Dill started out?

Criss Angel

Last night, Criss Angel called me at home to tell me the good news: he was named 2005 Magician of the Year by The Academy of Magical Arts (AMA) at a press event at Hollywood’s Magic Castle. Congratulations, Criss, and keep up the good work! Criss is hard at work on some exciting new projects and ventures, which will soon be publicly announced. He said he's up everyday for about 21 hours and hasn't been home to New York in almost a year. I believe it! Congratulations, Criss!

Also, my dear friend Richard Burr sent me the good news that he was inducted into the Guiness Book of World Records for breaking 3 world records with coin rolls, beating out Jeff McBride who held the current record for one of them! Check this out:

Richard Burr, breaker of 3 world records!

Guinness World Record #1

Using the classic “coin roll” technique, Richard Burr (USA) passed a single silver dollar around the fingers of his left hand a total of 40 times in a minute. The record was previously held by Jeff McBride with 31 revolutions in a minute.

Guinness World Record #2

Richard Burr (USA) simultaneously rolled two silver dollar coins (one in each hand) using the classic rolling technique, 68 times (30 in the left and 38 in the right).

Guinness World Record #3

Richard Burr (USA) simultaneously rolled two silver dollars forwards and backwards over the fingers of both his hands (one per hand), each hand completing 40 moves in one minute. For a total of 80.

All three records were set the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California, USA, on February 8, 2005.

Congratulations, Richard!

It continues to be extremely busy here, and we can feel the momentum begin to build for the holidays every day. If the last two weeks are any indication, this will be the biggest year Hocus Pocus has ever had! And we have you to thank for that.

So while Mike enjoys his birthday, Tony enjoys his new 'do, and I enjoy Max's carnival, make sure your weekend is filled with fun, relaxation, and be safe.

Until next time,


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