Friday, November 04, 2005

Only Two Months Left!

As I sit here and write the blog today, I look at the calendar and realize that we are only a couple of months away from the end of this year and the beginning of a brand new year! This year seems to have raced faster than any other. My dad always said, "The older you get, son, the faster the years pass by," and he was right! Before you know it, it will be "Pass the turkey," and then the Christmas carols begin.

This week has also zipped by extremely fast. Lots of new items hitting the door every day, and as fast as we put them up, more and more come in! Do yourself a favor and check out the Skeleton Mental Energy Transfer pocket watch on the site. Only 12 have been made exclusively for us at Hocus Pocus, and we've already sold 8 of them. The only way to get yours is to pre-order it today, because as soon as we sell out, it will disappear forever from our site!

Also, we just received long-overdue reprints of some of the best magic books ever printed: Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz, Smoke and Mirrors by John Bannon, and Seance by Scott Moore-Davis! If you've checked out eBay in the past few years, you'll undoubtedly remember copies of Seance going for upwards of $500.00! Wow!

One more thing I'm proud to carry is something called the Old Lady Illusion. When we first viewed the demo video, we couldn't believe our eyes! I am convinced that if you ever wanted to add a quick-change illusion to your show, this would be a great way to start! This effect is perfect for all types of audiences, whether you perform for children or adults, and it is a guaranteed applause-getter! If you don't believe me, click here and watch the online video for yourself! That's what I really like about this business: looking for unique and different magic effects that cannot be found elsewhere.

I enjoyed being on the Mike on the Mic Program on Magic Broadcast this week with Mike Giusti. Thanks to the listeners for the great comments and questions. There was one person in particular who sent me and Mike a very heartfelt letter, and I told Mike the very next day that receiving that letter was worth the entire broadcast! Support the Magic Broadcast and help it continue to grow. Check it out here!

This weekend starts the major remodeling of the Gross household. What once started as wall painting has turned into a major ordeal, and for the next two months, or possibly longer, I will update you as the process continues. There may be some inconveniences, but I know the payoff will be worth it, and I look forward to the beginning of this project!

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