Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Holidays!

Well, we made it! Tomorrow the festivities begin on Christmas Eve. We'll be going to my mother in-law's for Christmas Eve lunch and then later we'll be going to my cousin's house for our annual Christmas Eve party! After the celebrations, it's off to bed until Christmas day! We'll go to my mother in-law's for breakfast, and everyone will open their gifts there, and then we'll go to my sister's house where we'll all enjoy a nice Christmas dinner. Of course, everyone will be there, and more gifts will be shared and a great time will be had by all... I'm extremely happy that all my kids will be together this year as it is harder to keep them together the older they get.

Meanwhile, the Christmas tree saga has a happy ending. I mentioned that while we are remodeling our house, the tree spent most of its time on the front porch. That is, until last week. Now, it proudly stands in the den. Max, my son, decorated the tree all by himself this year, and I must say that he did an outstanding job! Of course, since the tree went up, Max's first question was, "Where are the gifts?" Have no fear; the next day they began to magically appear... Today, it is covered and surrounded by gifts, and Max couldn't be more excited!

It's been Christmas here at the shop as well as there have been more new products arriving than ever! I'll give you a little hint: there are some great new products that will be announced in January to kick off the New Year, so stay tuned!

Believe it or not, the shipping department is still buzzing today getting out those last-minute packages and orders. It really has been the busiest Christmas season we've experienced here at Hocus Pocus. Again, we have you to thank!

No matter how you celebrate your holidays, remember the most important thing is the time spent with family and loved ones. Don't let the holiday rush and the little things stand in the way of spending valuable time together.

Thank you to everyone who have sent us your holiday cards and gifts! It really added an extra touch of excitement everyday! I want to leave you with a touching email I received from Randy Schostag:


Thank you for the contributions that you have made to our community during 2005. I believe that Hocus Pocus has raised the bar and set a tough standard for others to follow. Here's wishing you a very Merry Holiday and a prosperous and healthy New Year.

Randy Schostag

Thank you very much, Randy! Your words mean a lot to myself and everyone here at Hocus Pocus.

On behalf of all the Hocus Pocus family, I wish you the very best holiday this year!

Until next time,


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