Friday, December 09, 2005

Only 2 Weeks Left!

That's right -- only two weeks are left before Christmas is officially here. Where the heck did this year go? Every Friday, I feel like Monday was just beginning, the year's whizzing by so quickly! Part of the reason it seems to go so quickly is due to the fact that this season is the busiest we've ever encountered. We've even scheduled and extra UPS pickup specifically for the month of December, making it a total of three per day in order to get the boatload of packages out the door!

The Post Office says that you should make your final shipments by the 10th this year, which is earlier than it's ever been. But fear not, for if you need, we have overnight and next day air services available for your shopping needs. Thank you all for your overwhelming support this entire year. More holiday goodies are appearing daily on the website, so make sure you check it every day to see what's new and hot!

Where to put the tree? Seems to be the million dollar question this year at the Gross household. If you remember, I mentioned a few weeks back about the major remodeling going on. There's hammering, painting, tile guys, floor guys, electricians -- you name it, and the furniture is everywhere where it isn't supposed to be. Max's room is in the living room, the living room is in the music room, the kitchen is in the dining room! ARRRRRRRRRRGH! Rest assured, however, we WILL be clearing a space this weekend for the very special Christmas tree. Now, the only problem is finding the boxes with all the decorations...

Dean Dill Update

I spoke to Dean yesterday over the phone, and he is now home. He sounded to be in good spirits, considering both his family's and his condition. He has at least another month or so before he is out of his body cast, and then it's physical therapy for awhile. Because of you and your generous efforts and thoughts, Hocus Pocus has raised a large sum of money for Dean and his family. Dean is very touched by the huge outpouring of support through your emails, well wishes, and donations. If you wish to donate, you can do so by clicking here!

This weekend will be the first annual Hocus Pocus holiday dinner. Everyone will be there so watch for the pictures to appear next week on the blog!

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