Thursday, June 08, 2006

Start the Saber Dance, Part 2

Happy June 8th everyone! I'm a happy guy. Not only are my sons graduating school, but my dear friend Robert Baxt from Hollywood, California came up to visit for a few days this week since I invited him to the big graduation party we're having at my house this weekend.

The party will be covered in more detail on next week's blog after the celebration is over and we have the photos to prove it. I have a large landscaped backyard with a pool at my house and we've got chairs and tables set up for over 80 guests. It will be quite a blowout!

In other news, the Black Widow Hold Out system and the Sharp-Ring are just two of the newest, hottest items we have this week. Sharp-Ring was a HUGE hit at the recent Blackpool Magic Convention! Please see our web-site for more on it. The Black Widow may be just the thing for those who don't want to spend any time practicing sleight of hand but want to perform miracles and make people think they are master sleight of hand artists! Pre-order it now and get free shipping anywhere in the continental USA. We will have it here in just 16 more days.

In the meantime, Robert is here working on a new project that will be exclusive to Hocus Pocus when we finish it. We already love his "Bye-Pod" vanishing iPod trick, as they're flying out the door to everyone that wants a brand new and up-to-date alternative to the vanishing ketchup and beer bottles. Be sure to see our on-line video of Robert performing it!

Robert gets to live the life that I, as "lord and master" of a huge magic emporium, can only dream of. He was flown to San Francisco last month with the legendary Carl Ballantine for a seminar on Comedy they did at the Clown Cnservatory in that city. Robert showed me the photo of him and Carl below. How cool is that?

Carl pulling a Robert out of a hat.

And then, now that we have all this space at our new location (we're about the size of a small supermarket or large drugstore of the Thrifty, Sav-On, Walgreens, or CVS type), I got Robert to do one of my favorite things in the whole wide world: The Plate Spinning Act! Just like I remember from the old Ed Sullivan TV show when I was a kid, Robert dragged out his plate spinning rig onto our showroom floor and went at it! IT WAS GREAT! He was running back and forth frantically keeping all the plates going while he tried to keep up with the music. I'd love him to do it at my son's graduation party, and now that I've put it in the blog, maybe that will convince him...

The spinning and running Robert Baxt.

That's all for this week. Enjoy the nice weather everyone, I know I will!

Until next time,


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