Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday, June 15th, 2006: Last Saturday's Graduation Party- The Photos!

I love digital cameras and the internet! Lots of photos this week, so please forgive me if the layout gets funky as the type moves unpredictably to accomodate the many pictures. Everybody, I wish you could have been there for the party I threw for my two grads! I hope you can get some of the flavor of the joy I felt in all the photos I'm posting this week. Starting from right to left at the top we have a view of the band and then the reverse side of the band looking back over the pool in my backyard and to the guest tables. Then there's a shot of the other side of my yard looking over the pool and towards the band you saw in the first photo. Next to that is the cake for my oldest son Cole who's now off to college. I'm taking him there this weekend so I'll report more on that next week.

Above is a memory board we put together for Cole and in the next photo Cole is the tall young man in the red shirt standing by the table that we displayed his and my other son Max's boards on. Below that are some photos of the guests enjoying themselves.
On the left is my younger son Max and his cake, while below is his highlights board and next to that a photo of one of my two daughters.

Finally, the picture on the right below is of the rock garden, bridge, and koi pond I built myself in the backyard. After a long hard day of finding great magic to sell to my many happy customers around the world on the internet, it really gives me and my wife Betty great pleasure to come out here in the cool of the evening and sit and relax and unwind. (And Betty, please forgive me that there were no pictures of you from the party! God knows that both you and I were working so hard to make sure everyone else had a good time, we barely had a minute to breathe! I couldn't get a second to get a picture of me either!) The only thing that slightly bothers me about my pond is that I've spent thousands of dollars at this point feeding the local birds who snack on my koi, so if anyone has any good suggestions for preserving my fish please let me know! And you know everyone, in the end, the happy memories that we have are so much more important to us than the grind of work. That's why there's very little mention of magic in this weeks blog, and also because most of the staff was at the party having their own great time! That's a couple of them in the picture on the right, so I'll say goodbye to them and to you by wishing you all the happiest of memeories in your lives. More memories next week!

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