Thursday, June 01, 2006

We Salute the Grads of '06

Cole's Graduation Ceremony

Well, it's the week of Graduation here, and my eldest son, Cole, graduated from Bullard High School, Class of 2006 Tuesday evening. I was so proud of him as he walked and received his diploma. He'll be here with us until August until he moves away to attend College at St. Mary's. Tonight, my youngest son, Max, graduates from Junior High, and we'll be attending his ceremony this evening. Max's only request was to go to Red Robin to eat afterwards; it's his favorite restaurant of all time.

So, my oldest daughter, Renee, has graduated college last year, my younger daughter, Aimee, graduates next year, Cole attends his first year of college this year, and Max attends his first year of High School this year as well... Man, has the time gone by quicker than I remember! Before I know it, Max will be graduating from High School, which is just so hard to believe. If you have children who have graduated or are graduating yourself, congratulations to you as well! We'll be celebrating both boys' graduations with a big party at our house Saturday, June 10th. There'll be food, drink, and even a live band! I guarantee a good time to be had by all. We'll make sure to take photos for all to see.

As many of you read last week, I purchased a Plate Spinning Act, and now I'm almost ready to turn pro. HA! Too bad the Ed Sullivan Show isn't still on...

I want to thank everyone who sent me emails containing information and links about the care and training of cockatoos. I printed each one off and gave them to Max. He now has pages and pages of resource information and is reading them like a book. He's anxiously awaiting the Cockatoo Circus, which should be arriving any day. Then, it's time to buy the bird.

I also want to say a special thanks to everyone who has been sending us your autographed pictures; we are receiving them almost every day. We actually ran out of 8 X 10 frames, so I went to the store last Friday and purchased 50 more. Again, if you haven't done so already, send us your 8 X 10, and we'll put it up on the Wall of Fame. Send it to:

Hocus Pocus
1492 N. Clark #104
Fresno, CA. 93703

The weather's hot here, and business has been as well. The month of May was one of the busiest and biggest months we've had. My heartfelt thanks goes to all of you for all your support; you're what makes Hocus Pocus tick, and we'd me nowhere without you!

I enjoyed my five days off for Memorial Day Weekend last week. Betty and I were able to get many things done and also have time to enjoy one another's company as well... Even though both of us work in the same place, she's way on the other side of the building. We rarely get a chance to talk to one another during the day. I hope you all enjoyed your time off as well. Tomorrow (Friday), I'll be taking off again to work on my Koi pond, which has recently been completely remodeled. One of the things I enjoy most is working outdoors; it's very relaxing. So while I'm Koi ponding, I hope you all have a well-rested weekend.

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