Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone, or as they're saying, "Happy 007." As this new year begins, we're very excited about upcoming happenings here at Hocus Pocus. Coming up very shortly on January 20th is our first annual Hocus Pocus Swap Meet and Get-Together. Everything is coming together and so many of you have already called to reserve your tables and spaces for the lecturers. It's turning out to be a miniature convention. Who knows -- maybe it'll turn into something much, MUCH bigger in the future... If you live in California, we are centrally located, so getting here is a snap! We've even reserved special rates at a hotel located very close to Hocus Pocus! For more information, click the banner below:

On the home front, we had a very quiet New Year. Betty and I stayed at home and relaxed the night away and watched the Producers with Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane. Of course, I watched the Twilight Zone Marathon, my yearly habit and close to midnight, we switched over to Dick Clark and watched the Ball drop. I hope all of you celebrated in your own way and had a great time.

Mike's evening was a little more eventful, having been hired at one of Fresno's more posh restaurants, "The Chef's Table," where he rang in the New Year bending their silverware and having cards appear in all sorts of impossible places (some of which we can't divulge here; you fill in the blanks). He was a huge hit and was asked back again for next year. Some of his family then arrived later to surprise him and they all ended the evening together with a great meal, a few drinks, and even a limo ride home!

Mike has a spectator sign a fork!

Mike and his girlfriend, Julie.

It's a family affair! We've been so busy this week, that we enlisted the help of my youngest son, Max, who as you can tell from the picture below, is exasperated with excitement. He's been helping out by filing, packing, unpacking, shredding, and doing what he does best: destroying! Cardboard boxes, that is... He's hoping to earn enough money to add to his bank account for a car. In just a few short months, Max will be 15 years old, and then driver's training begins. I don't know how I truly feel about that yet...

Max hard at work.

We've just received a huge shipment from another private collector who has decided to part with some of his treasures. This is always very exciting for me as it's a trip down memory lane. I'll now be spending the rest of today and the weekend and most of the first part of next week setting everything up and going through it all. You might have noticed that Mike has already started listing some of it on the web site and already, they've begun to disappear almost as quickly as they go up. So keep tabs on the web site to get first dibs on some of these goodies.

Tony has been hard at work constructing and putting the finishing touches on the beautiful stage for Hocus Pocus. This will be christened on January 20th, when Robert Baxt, our first lecturer, sets foot on stage to begin the lecture portion of the day! Also, I just got off the phone with Carl Ballantine to finalize the details of his visit, and he couldn't be more excited to meet and greet all of you planning on attending.

So there you have it, just a smidgen of things going on here at Hocus Pocus. Don't forget to mark your calendars for January 20th as we'd love to see you here for the First Annual Hocus Pocus Get-Together and Swap Meet!

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