Friday, January 26, 2007

Swap Meet Success!

What can I say? The Swap Meet was an incredible success and exceeded even my wildest expectations! We had over 250 people in attendance and everyone had a great time! I want to thank all of you who attended and for the nice emails, phone calls, and cards since. We'll definitely be doing this again this year, and we'll keep you posted on the upcoming dates, so stay VERY tuned!

For those of you who attended and could not attend, check out the photos and captions below for a full report:

The night before, I took everyone to dinner at the Joy Luck Club Restaurant, where we were treated to great company and a ridiculous amount of food!

Shoot Ogawa , Suds, Tony Blanco, Mark & Nani Wilson, Gerald Kirchner, and Dick Barry all enjoy themselves before the big day.

Food as far as the eye could see, and boy, was it good!

Chuck Kirchner, owner of Magic City, was bright-eyed and bushy tailed the morning of the Swap Meet!

My son, Max (right), and his cousin Joey manning the video booth.

Sell those videos, Max & Joey!

The Swap Meet officially begins and the space is flooded with people and dealers!

Wolfgang Wollet of Wonder Warehouse

Suds is always a crowd favorite at every gathering.

Dick Barry demonstrating his latest effect to a captivated crowd.

Shoot Ogawa performs the Ninja Rings for all to see and disbelieve!

Shoot Ogawa and his teacher, Masahiro Yanagida.

Paul and Tony talk and demonstrate at the Hocus Pocus table.

Nani Wilson signs autographs and DVDs.

Nani & Mark Wilson talk about their rich history and sign autographs for the fans.

Mark had a fantastic time!

Everyone takes a break for an outside lunch.

Patrick Snowden, my cousin, Karen, and Chuck Kirchner.

Mark and Nani autographing the Doll to Life Illusion, which I purchased from them.

"The Original Doll to Life, debuted on The Magic Land of Allakazam, 1961. This is the 2nd version from the Magic Circus TV Special."

Mark seals the deal with his signature.

With Mark & Nani, a great moment for me! This illusion is one that will be in my private collection and has special meaning for me as well as many others. If it weren't for Mark & Nani, I would never have been introduced to the wonderful world of magic.

Suds lectures to standing room only!

Next up was Robert Baxt, who had 'em all in stitches!

Dick Barry, our 3rd lecturer, proved he was a master of both close-up and stage magic!

Shoot Ogawa performs his lecture on our stage to 135 people.

Shoot killed that night and displayed his parlor and close-up skills to all!

After Mark & Nani Wilson lectured, they signed autographs until no one was left empty-handed. Truly first-class people!

Tony and I with Shoot, Masahiro, and Shoot's girlfriend, Ai.

Dick Barry, Karen, and Dick's wife, Gwen.

Is it over already? Gerald Kirchner buys a video to end a fantastic day!

So there you have it: quite the day. I don't think anyone went to sleep until the next morning... Oh, before I forget, Mark Wilson has invited Hocus Pocus to be one of the featured dealers at Dealer's Day at the Magic Castle on Sunday, February 25th, so if you're in the area, we'd love to see you there!

Hope you enjoyed all the photos and once again, thanks to all for participating and making the first Hocus Pocus Swap Meet & Get-Together a huge success!

Until next time,


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