Friday, January 12, 2007

Let The Magic Begin!

What a week. So much is happening and happening FAST, that we are now finding ourselves one week away from the 1st Annual Hocus Pocus Swap Meet & Get-Together and everything is shaping up, including the new stage Tony has been working on diligently since last week! This weekend, he'll hang the curtains, install the lighting, and hook up the sound system. Remember, the Swap Meet itself is absolutely free to attend and to buy, but in order to sell your magic, tables are only $15.00 for the entire morning and afternoon. Five lecturers are now scheduled, including Robert Baxt, Suds, Dick Barry, Shoot Ogawa, and Mark & Nani Wilson! You can see all five lectures for only $30.00. Individual lecture tickets can also be purchased. If interested, please inquire to: or call toll-free at 800-407-4040. There will be a barbeque lunch, free gifts, and gift certificates to be given away in a drawing. Don't wait; call us now to reserve your table and spot!

The stage in progress. Great job, Tony!

Bruno Copin

A little over a year ago, I was told about a certain underground French performer taking the magic world by storm! His name is Bruno Copin, and he is one of the greatest performers magicians have ever seen! His magic is so different and unique from everyone else, that magicians have been clammering for his released items for quite some time. The problem was that these items were extremely hard to come by...until now! Hocus Pocus, through special arrangements, has purchased every single released effect available by Mr. Copin and is now in stock and available for immediate delivery. Simply click on the special category devoted exclusively to Bruno Copin and check out all the cool items for the taking. Remember, Hocus Pocus is the only place you can purchase these items at this time, so order today!

Bruno Copin's Friends DVDs

Wedding DVD by Bruno Copin

Crazy Ball by Bruno Copin

Today, I'm going to do something a little different. As today is my wedding anniversary, I'm going to spend the rest of the day with my lovely wife, Betty, and hand over the rest of the blog to Mike, who has also had a very busy week, depite his absence here for a couple of days. For now, I hope to see a lot of you next weekend as it promises to be one great, memorable, magical experience.

Until next time,


Hi, everyone. Mike here.

Wow. It's been one heck of a week for me and my girlfriend, Julie, and it all started with a wonderful wedding and reception of my good friend, magic creator, and illusion builder, Ray Lum and his brand new wife, Marjorie. Ray invited us to his house where only his closest friends and family were invited to partake in good food, great company, and some good times. It meant a lot to me that Ray asked us both to join his family before heading over to the only authentic Chinese restaurant in the Morgan Hill, California area able to accommodate all the people who were invited to attend the reception. I was asked to perform along with Ray and Marshall Magoon for the crowd of 150 people, and it was a good thing I packed light because space rapidly became a valuable commodity. The show went well, and before long, we had to drive the 3 hours back to Fresno to begin another packed week! Congratulations, Ray and Marjorie!

Ray and Marjorie (center) with her parents (left) and Ray's father (right)

Cutting the cake together

Jules and I with Ray and Marjorie

Wednesday, Julie had to have eye surgery to correct her glaucoma problem in her left eye, and I needed to leave my post at Hocus Pocus to help her mend the last couple of days. This will make it her fourth surgery on her left eye, where she's encountered cataract problems, macular degeneration, and now glaucoma! No doctor can explain where these problems came from or how they were caused, so I was worried enough for the both of us when her day of surgery drew near. Her surgery went well, and she is home now recuperating and relaxing. Hopefully, in the long run, this particular procedure will take so that she will no longer have to take four medications every single day and it will control the pressure in her eye. On that note, I want to thank everyone for sending us well-wishes, thoughts, and prayers. It was so overwhelming the number of emails, phone calls, and cards we received, that we were both shocked. Thank you again to all of you. I also owe a debt of gratitude to Paul Gross for his understanding during this more-difficult-than-I-thought-it-would-be situation, and I wish both him and Betty a Happy Anniversary.

Now it's time to start thinking about the upcoming Get Together & Swap Meet, and I can definitely say that I am excited to meet all of you who plan on attending. Make sure you stop by and say hello and remember to have a great time. I know I will.



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