Friday, April 18, 2008

Birthday Wishes and Weddings

Quite the week here at Hocus Pocus. First of all, we all thought that the dreaded tax season would have the same slowing effect on our work here at Hocus Pocus. Such is not the case; perhaps the President's Economic Stimulus Package is working its magic because we've had our best month ever so far! We're running as fast as we can, and we thank you all for keeping us so busy!

This weekend, my sister's daughter, Sara, my niece, will be getting married this Saturday. In between packing and shipping, my sister has been fielding calls from bands, caterers, florists, etc., all while still managing to get your packages shipped to you on time. Quite the multi-tasker. We encouraged here to take this Thursday and Friday off to make sure everything is letter perfect come Saturday. The festivities begin tomorrow evening at 5:30 PM, and I am sure everything will come off as smooth as silk. Congratulations, Sara!

Tomorrow morning, Max and I head to Kingsburg, a little town approximately 25 miles south of Fresno, to attend a classic car show advertised as the largest in Central California. Max is very excited to attend and drool over classic cars from the past. He just got his 1969 Nova back from the upholsterers, and I must say, this is one hot looking car! He is now saving his money for the final investment, which will be a new paint job for the car's exterior. Once done, he'll be able to enter his car in a car show and rival some of his competition. This is his real love in life and what he wants to do, and he shows real passion about it, so of course, I am encouraging him all the way. He is now just weeks away, believe it or not, from getting his driver's license. Then watch out!

I'm really excited about a new product my friend, Chris Kenworthy, has just released: the Telethought Wallet! It has taken Chris over 2 years in the making, and when he first told me about it a couple of years ago, I couldn't wait for its release. Well, now it's here, and it is truly devious! When the finished product finally arrived here a couple of weeks ago and I had a chance to check it out, two words instantly came out of my mouth, which cannot be repeated here or in mixed company. If you want the ultimate peek wallet, this is a must-have. It comes in two different sizes, and you can check them out HERE and HERE!

Another item that has had quite its share of buzz on the boards is Matrix by Mickael Chatelain! Rather than describe it here, check it out along with the online video! You won't be disappointed. As of right now, Hocus Pocus is the only magic shop in the United States with a supply of Matrix in stock, ready for immediate delivery.

As of this writing, we now have 6 Free Downloads for you to check out, thanks to Michael Boden and John Mendoza. As of two days ago, we put Michael Boden's Unclassified Moves online, and he is really on fire! Sharing everything from coves and sleights to complete effects, and we can't thank him enough for his contributions. He and Mike Giusti have been in talks, and look for much more to come from Michael soon.

Mark and Nani Wilson

Belated birthday greetings to my mentor of magic, Mark Wilson! Last Friday was Mark Wilson's birthday. And guess what? Tomorrow is Nani Wilson's birthday! What better gift to give magic's most influential couple who have everything than a Happy Birthday wish? So, as a surprise, why not send your birthday greetings and wishes to Mark and Nani by sending them an email at It will be a great belated birthday surprise for Mark and a total surprise for Nani. Happy birthday, Mark and Nani! Here's to many more to come!

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