Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wedding Bells

Writing the blog a day early as tomorrow I'll be heading north along with Betty and Max to visit my son, Cole at St. Mary's. School will be out in less than 3 weeks for him, and it will be time to move him out of his dorm. We're going to rent a mini storage so Cole won't have to move everything back to Fresno for the Summer months. Saturday night, we'll head to San Francisco for a nice dinner all together, and then it's back home on Sunday.

Last weekend was my niece, Sara's wedding. My sister Jan and her husband Chris did a fabulous job coordinating the entire affair. The hall was beautifully decorated, the food was fantastic, and the ceremony and entertainment afterwards were great. It was fun seeing my cousin, Brian, who I hadn't seen in several years and getting together with all my other relatives. I wish all the luck to the bride and groom, pictured below:

Sara and Brandon

Max, dressed up like a dude

My mother and me

My daughter, Renee

My cousins, Brian and Karen

My daughter, Aimee, Sara, and Renee

My sister and me

Dancing the night away with the bride

Renee and I rock it out

Special announcement: Speaking of wedding bells, my daughter, Renee, on Monday evening, gave us the good news: she and her boyfriend, Jonathan, are also getting married next April! Betty and I are, of course, very excited, and we couldn't be happier as Jonathan will be a welcome addition to the family!

Jonathan and Renee

Funny story about Jonathan: When Renee and he had been dating for several months, Jonathan asked Renee what her father did for a living. When Renee told him that I was in the magic business, he told her to wait a second, he went into the other room, and came back with a Scotch & Soda coin trick. Turns out that Jonathan has been doing magic as a hobby for years. Who'd have thought? Small world, indeed.

So that about wraps it up this week. And what a week it's been! Thanks to all of you who take the time to read this blog and for keeping us busy around the clock at Hocus Pocus.

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