Friday, April 04, 2008

It's Great To Be Back Again

So I'm back and almost fully recovered. This is the first sinus infection I've had in a while, and trust me, it's making up for lost time. After spending almost an entire day last Friday in the doctor's office under heavy duty antibiotics, I'm about 90% well. Thanks to those of you who wrote get-well emails and off-the-cuff medical advice. Special thanks to Mike for taking over last week and sharing a side of him that most people didn't know about... He appreciates all the nice emails and comments, and had no idea so many would find it of interest.

Got a nice note from Michael Grandinetti about his performance at Easter At The White House. Sounds like he had a great time and sent along this photo taken from the White House overlooking the south lawn towards the Washington Monument. According to Michael, there were over 22,000 people on the grounds for this event, and it was something he will never forget! Quite an accomplishment for this young and very talented magician.

A view from the White House

My son, Max, returned from his trip from France, and brought with him several hundred photos, much to my wife's and my delight. He's given us a narrative travel log as he shared each of the photos with us. He had a great time. Of course, as soon as he got home, the first thing on his agenda was washing his car and gearing it up for some new upholstery. He's now almost completely restored the car with the exception of an outer paint job, and I must say, it does look pretty darned good! What I'm most proud of is that he's done it all on his own without any financial support from his mother and me. Last night, he found a 1970 El Camino online that he wants us to look at this evening. Why do I have this feeling we'll be adding yet another car to the Gross household? He loves cars as much as I love magic at his age, so who knows where this will take him? I'll update you on the El Camino next week.

I'm very happy that we are able to re-release Mike Giusti's Ring-A-Majig, one of our best-selling accessories for a borrowed ring routine! It has been unavailable for quite some time as the original manufacturer had to stop production on it. Luckily, Mike showed it to our own Tim Wisseman, creator of such effects as the Lie Detector TW3000, Remote Vision Color Cube, Remote Vision Die, and Mini Remote Vision Color Cube has made it even better and more durable than ever, and Mike has updated the instructions to comic book form with additional thoughts and extras! Have we got your attention yet? If so, click the image above to read more about the new and improved Ring-A-Majig!

Imagine my surprise when I got a phone call from Mark Wilson last Wednesday telling me that I was going to be given the Magic Castle Award of Merit! Quite an unexpected surprise, to say the least! More exciting is the fact that Mark told me that he has arranged to present me the award himself! So, tomorrow morning, Betty and I head to Los Angeles to attend the 40th Annual Academy of Magical Arts Awards Banquet at the Beverly Hilton Hotel! This is a black tie affair where movie stars and some of the world's most famous magicians will attend. Quite the swanky affair, and I am very humbled, taken aback, and excited to be a part of this whole affair. Hope to update you will photos and daily details in next week's blog.

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