Friday, February 27, 2009

All Magic, All The Time!


All Magic, All The Time! That's our motto here at Hocus Pocus. The week started off with a bang with the Kozmo lecture on Monday with a record attendance of 65 local magicians. Kozmo is a seasoned street/close-up performer and also the creator and distributor of Reel Magic Quarterly. His lecture began as a show that you would see him perform on the streets. Rather than having everyone seated, he had them stand around as they would in that venue. This created a unique atmosphere as he performed his best material for a solid 25 minutes. After the performance, everyone took their seats as he described in detail and taught what they had just seen. Everyone had a great time, and I urge you to see Kozmo if you have the opportunity; you won't be disappointed. Not only is he a great performer, both he and his wife are terrific people.

Distances Traveled

Hildevert comes to the USA to visit Hocus Pocus

We've had several out-of-town visitors this week at Hocus Pocus, from England to the Caribbean. I love when we get visitors, especially visitors from exotic places and other countries. So it was a great surprise to meet and spend time with one of our customers from the Caribbean, Hildevert Lorsold. Imagine our surprise when a taxi cab pulled up this morning and a very tall and exotic-spoken Hildevert stepped out, walked inside, and introduced himself. Talk about long distance! He spent most of his day with us, marveling at both the showroom and warehouse. Of course, he left here with several boxes filled with Hocus Pocus goodies that he'll be taking back home with him next week. Remember, if you are ever in our area, no matter what part of the world you are from, we would love to meet you!

All That Razamatazz

Rabbit Rampage

Boy, am I excited! Last year, my good friend, Wayne McEwen gave me a tip about a new company in England called Razamatazz Magic. I immediately went to their web site and marveled at the line of magic I saw. Always being on the lookout for new and exciting products to bring to Hocus Pocus, I immediately contacted Andy and Sue, the owners of Razamatazz Magic. I'm now excited to say that they have granted Hocus Pocus exclusive USA distribution of their product line. The first offering is called Rabbit Rampage. When you check it out on the web site, you'll see exactly why I was so excited to obtain this line. Andy and Sue are professional children's' entertainers and know what works. The quality, graphic design, and workmanship is all top-notch and fills a huge void in the children's/family entertainers marketplace. I can't thank Andy and Sue enough for allowing Hocus Pocus to partner with them in this exciting new venture. Check out Rabbit Rampage HERE!

Other exclusives obtained this week that you should definitely check out are:

Movie Time by Floyd Collins and Robert Haas
Thoughts Transmitter 2000 by Floyd Collins and Robert Haas
Flicker by Michael Paul
Automatic Silk to Ball by Alan Wong
New Animated Card Box by Diamond Jim Tyler

All of them are exciting new products, and we are honored that the creators chose us to be the exclusive dealer to carry their items!

Hit the Books!

Well, not really. The response to the new Mark Wilson Magic University project has been fantastic! So many of you have already jumped on the bandwagon to become Founding Members of this new magic venture! Because of his immense knowledge of magic and illusion, Mark Wilson is perhaps the most uniquely qualified person in the world to be your instructor at the Magic University. In addition to teaching you the essential principles of the art and how to perform many powerful magic effects, Mark will also instruct you on some of the unique, amazing magic he has collected in performances around the globe.

A unique feature for all Founding Members is The Magic University Library! All instructions taught will be recorded in the Magic University Library under the subscriber's name and secret password. Those lessons may be accessed at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that, if a subscriber doesn't watch any lessons for one week, or one month, or for a year, they shouldn't worry--- because those tricks are all waiting to be watched and learned at the subscribers convenience in the Magic University Library!

Think of the possibilities of this course, whether you are looking to become a student of magic or whether your children or grandchildren are interested in prestidigitation -- what better way to learn than from the master himself, Mark Wilson! If you're like me, and I know many of you are, your first introduction to the world of magic was watching Mark and Nani Wilson on their nationally televised, weekly series "The Magic Land of Allakazam." Now, you'll be able to give that same gift to your children and/or grandchildren and have them live that same experience. There is something in this course for everyone as well, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or pro. The quality of the video lessons you will receive is of the highest caliber, and it all works out to be around $1.60 per lesson if you are a Founding Member. So do yourself a favor and learn more about becoming a Founding Member of Mark Wilson's Magic University HERE!

So there you go. It really is All Magic, All the Time here at Hocus Pocus. I hope you have a great weekend.

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