Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Best Teachers

Imagine being able to learn from Vincent Van Gough if you wanted to learn to paint. Imagine being able to learn from Tiger Woods if you wanted to learn to golf. Imagine being able to learn from Beethoven if you wanted to learn to play music. There's no doubt that these are probably the best teachers in their fields. Unfortunately, the opportunity to do so is at least impossible, but imagine being able to learn from Mark Wilson if you wanted to learn magic. Well, imagine no longer!

It's finally happening! Over a year and a half ago, Mark Wilson began work on what can be considered his largest contribution to the art of magic to date! The revolution of learning and making magic has begun! Hocus Pocus, in partnership with Mark and Nani Wilson, are excited to announce this exciting new concept to the magic community!

Mark Wilson long ago achieved his dream of presenting the first magic series ever on network television. Now, he invites you to share in his dream to expand the worldwide popularity of magic, as a hobby and as a profession, to a level never before possible. This is your opportunity to join him as a Founding Member on this truly magical journey.

Most magicians have heard the name Mark Wilson, even if only from his monumental volume of magic education, The Mark Wilson Complete Course in Magic. Published in six languages around the world, more than 850,000 readers have learned magic from Marks best-selling book. Now just imagine:
  • What if Mark Wilson was available to give you personal instruction anywhere, any time?
  • What if Mark's instructions were easy to follow in full color moving video images?
  • What if, instead of having to shift attention from text to picture, Mark personally spoke to you, teaching you every move, every sleight, every detail?
Just think about it - in the past magic instruction has only been available in books, on videotapes and DVDs, or, for the lucky few, by personal instruction from an expert magician. Now Mark Wilson, through the Internet, has made possible a revolutionary new way of learning. It's easier, faster, and available instantly, at any time, anywhere in the world, from the world's most renowned magic instructor!

That's why Mark Wilson created the Magic University, to teach eager students throughout the world, how to perform high-impact, professional quality magic.

There are hundreds of web sites that merely demonstrate tricks or shamelessly expose magic's secrets to the simply curious. The Magic University is designed to stimulate untapped interest in the art, providing step-by-step, real time instructions from the world's foremost magic educator, Mark Wilson.

Quite honestly, there has never been an education program of this scope and magnitude in the history of the magical arts. And it is a perfect culmination of the goals that magic pioneers Mark and Nani Wilson have strived for throughout their honored careers as magical entertainers and educators.

The initial roll-out of the Magic University will be through Founding Memberships only, for which the fee is $250.00.

Founding Members will receive:
  • 12 magic lessons per month (3 lessons per week) sent to you via your personal email
  • Founding Member Identification Card, newly designed and signed by Mark Wilson and Nani Darnell Wilson
  • Magic University Founding Member Certificate, specially printed with Founding Member's name, suitable for framing, signed by Mark Wilson and Nani Darnell Wilson
  • Perpetual listing on the Magic University Founding Member's web page
  • 8x10 publicity photograph of Mark and Nani personally autographed to the Founding Member

There are many additional student benefits including an internet chat room, continued updates on previously taught tricks and of important developments in the art, notification of magic events worldwide, interviews and articles from successful magicians on trick selection, performance and routining, all of which will be covered in the Magic University newsletter.

This is your opportunity to participate as a Founding Member in the revolutionary creation of the history-making Mark Wilson Magic University, which will change the future of the art of magic worldwide.

This special Founding Membership offer is good for a limited time only; when the goal is reached, Founding Memberships will never be offered again.

Please note that this is a pre-paid, "pre-application" offer. Actual delivery of three lessons per week will begin April 30. The opportunity to become a Founding Member will end on April 30.

As a special bonus, the first 40 people to become Founding Members will receive the Sorcerer's Apprentice Kit, Volume 1 by Mark Wilson, absolutely free so you can get started right away!

For an advanced preview of Mark Wilson's Magic University and the opportunity to become a Founding Member, please click HERE!

So this is your opportunity to become a founding member in what I believe is a monumental landmark in teaching magic. No one that I can think of has given more to the art of magic than Mark and Nani Wilson. So join us on this incredible new venture as we break ground and cut the ceremonial ribbon.

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