Friday, February 13, 2009

Membership Has Its Privileges

When we say that Membership Has Its Privileges, we're not kidding. Those of you who are already Hocus Pocus online members know exactly what I'm talking about. You know about the tremendous sales, generous discounts not found anywhere else, and special offers you receive through private member email. The great thing about it is, the service is absolutely free, it takes only seconds to join, and your information is never shared or given out. You'll receive weekly email with some of the greatest discounts and special offers on the latest magic effects, DVDs, books, etc. And today, every dollar saved counts more than ever. I guarantee you'll not be disappointed, and in the unlikely event that you are, you can opt-out any time you wish.

For example, here are a couple of reasons you should join today: We've recently acquired a massive private collection, and Mike, Betty, and I have been putting together a list of the hundreds of items and their descriptions. This is a huge undertaking, and trying to work it in between all our other daily duties here has proven to be more difficult than we anticipated. Each day, we continue to list and describe the many items that we'll be offering soon. There a wide range of items from close-up magic to large scale illusions on this list. Many items have not been available for years, and others are rare and even scarce. Now, if you wish to receive this list, the only way you can is if you are an online member as this will be a private email to online members only. If you are not yet an online member, I urge you to join now. You can do so HERE.

Last week, I mentioned an upcoming project with Mark and Nani Wilson. Yesterday, all the details were finalized, and we are now just days away from making a major announcement! This will be your opportunity to participate in what we consider to be a historical offering, the likes of which have never been offered before! To be the first to find out before anyone else does, you must me a Hocus Pocus online member. All Hocus Pocus online members will be the first to receive the announcement and special offer through your private member-only email. This is not an announcement you'll want to miss out on. I'll send out an announcement letter next week. If you are not yet an online member, I urge you to join now right HERE.

Those are just a few reasons to sign up and become a Hocus Pocus online member. For those of you who are already members, watch your inbox. For those of you about to join, we welcome you aboard!

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