Tuesday, December 28, 2004

It's A Girl!

Exciting news here at Hocus Pocus!

Our very own Jason London and his wife Angela pulled off their best magic trick to date: they are proud parents of a brand new, 6 lb. 5 oz. baby girl! Angela gave birth to Madeline last night after only 5 minutes of labor! Wow! We can't wait to meet her. Mom, Dad, and Baby are all doing well, and what a great way for them to ring in the new year!

Things haven't slowed down here at all. We're still as busy as ever with packages going out the door and the Fed-Ex and US Postal people staring with gaping mouths at the abundance of our outgoing shipments! It's as if Christmas is still around the corner!

We hope you all had an enjoyable holiday as we are all excited to celebrate 2005 in a few short days! Start practicing writing it now, because you'll soon find yourself still writing 2004 in the date portion of your paperwork...

Until next time, keep those emails coming with your ideas and comments. They are most welcome, I sincerely appreciate them.


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