Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Week After, Part 2

And the hits just keep coming! What a week we're having here. This HAS to be the busiest holiday season ever at Hocus Pocus. The phones are ringing off the hook and the packages are piling up so much, there's barely room to breathe or even time to eat lunch, but that's OK by us! Just take a look:

And this is just one small part of the shipping department!

To top things off, we were visited today by none other than Criss Angel and David Baram. Criss is the driving force behind popularizing his very unique kind of magic to the masses. You've seen him on many television specials, including Mindfreak and Supernatural! David Baram is the president of The Firm, Criss' management company that represents many of today's top celebrities. He's also a magician in his own right. Criss, Dave and I spent most of the morning discussing a huge upcoming project is working on, and Hocus Pocus is honored to be a very special part of it! I can't reveal any further details about it at this time, but I will tell you that it is going to be a HUGE boon to magic! Stay tuned as I'll reveal more details about it when I am able.

From left to right: David Baram, Dexter, Criss Angel, and yours truly.


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Anonymous said...

Great Site! Looking forward to additional Criss Angel news and seeing more of his unique style of magic.