Friday, May 06, 2005

Remember Your Mom!

All right, guys and gals, let's not forget that this Sunday is Mother's Day. The most important thing your mom wants is to more than likely spend some time with you and your family. Remember all the nice things Mom did for you while growing up?

I remember for my 6th birthday party, it was a pirate theme. For two weeks, my mother slaved away and made all the party decorations and party favors herself! I can still remember her sitting up late at night cutting out pirate hats and eye patches and gluing skulls & crossbones together. Oh, and the cake: no store bought cake, but a homemade cake shaped like a pirates' island, complete with palm trees, pirate's chest, gold chocolate coins, and pirates. By the way, my birthday is September 1 (no gifts, please), and in Fresno, California the temperature around then is generally 104 - 108 degrees. Not this particular September 1, though; for my 6th birthday, it poured rain like you wouldn't believe! I thought my big outside birthday party would be ruined, but fear not; Mom came to the rescue! She went to the hardware store, bought a ton of roll-out bamboo fences, and both she and my father lined them up against the walls of the garage and brought all the tables inside. Opening the front of the garage, it was like living in a pirates grotto as the water cascaded off the open garage door! It was better than it would have been had the day been sunny! I have my mom to thank for that memory and many others.

Speaking of rain, that's all we've had here. It's May and it's pouring like crazy. It should be bright and sunny but all the weather reports tell us we're in for rain, rain, rain, until the middle of next week! We're so close to the mountains, it's great for the skiers as ski slopes report that they'll be open all the way until Memorial Day! Hard to believe but true.

Our visitor this week was my good friend Terry Godfrey from San Diego. Terry was on his way to perform at the Sacramento State Fair, and he stopped by for several hours. Terry's one of the busiest professionals in the business, and he's truly one of the most well-rounded performers whether it be be large stage shows or close-up work! His version of the Miser's Dream would make Al Flosso "stand up straight, boy!" Terry and I had a chance to reminisce, and he left with a big box of books, his favorite...

Hope you've had a chance to check out the web site this week and notice all the new products being updated and added by my favorite "number one guy" (said in my best Jack Palance voice), Mike Giusti.

Speaking of Mike Giusti, Mike and I will be in a huddle Monday compiling a list of private collectibles to be sent to all online members. If you are not an online member, be sure to sign up today! Simply enter the web site HERE and sign up to become a member! It's simple. It's fun. Best of all, it's free!

So there you have it! I want to say thank you to all the moms out there, to my mom, and to my wife, Betty, for not only being an incredible mom to all of our children, but the best wife any guy could ever have!

Until next time,


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