Friday, June 24, 2005

Summer is Finally Here!

Hard to believe, but officially, the first day of Summer began on Tuesday of this week! What that means to us is triple digit hot, hot, HOT! But that's OK; we'll persevere, use the fans, turn on the air conditioning, and tough it out!

Speaking of hot, have you checked out the web site recently? Mike's been putting on hot/new items like there's no tomorrow! The biggest news is that Bill Abbott has spoken with me and chosen to release his extremely popular, "Chico the Mindreading Chimp" Act exclusively through Hocus Pocus. For those of you who have seen Bill's act, either via his DVDs or live, you know that this is one of the most requested routines he performs! This is a solid 12-minute routine that will include ALL the props, special music, and DVD of three live (and different) performances! This is limited to only 50 units, so if you are a children's or family entertainer, this is definitely worth your serious consideration. Watch the web site next week for details!

Every week, we try to trim down the title page to make it a bit less cluttered, but for every item that comes off the title page, three new ones go up!

Here are just a few of the top sellers this week:

  • Dragster
  • The Thing by Bill Abbott
  • Abyss
  • Raven Slates
  • In the News by Devin Knight
  • CelebriTie
  • Midas

Check these and many new products hitting the web site every day!

As many of you already know, the IBM Convention begins next Tuesday, the 28th of June, in Reno, Nevada. Lots of you have phoned and have planned on stopping by Hocus Pocus on the way to the convention. We look forward to a full house over the weekend and on Monday! If you're coming our way, give us a call; we'd love for you to stop by.

As for me, my youngest son, Max, comes home tomorrow from a week at Summer Camp, which means the house will no longer belong to Betty and me! Max will be sharing stories of his experiences with us over dinner, no doubt! It should make for some interesting conversation... Last week when he packed to go, he made sure to pack one dufflebag full of his novelties to sell. Among his supplies were shocking pens, stink bombs, bomb bags, and whoopie cushions. Since Betty and I did not receive any phone calls from the camp counselors, we can only assume that all went well. I'll let you know...

This weekend, I'll be working in my back yard around the Koi Pond doing some re-landscaping while Betty relaxes from a hectic week (that is, if I can convince her to relax). Mike performs several shows over the weekend, including a show for the premiere of the new movie, "Bewitched." I'll be extremely happy come Tuesday of next week as Tony Blanco will be here officially with Hocus Pocus, all moved out from Las Vegas.

Thank you for your nice letters and comments about last week's blog. I always enjoy reading them. Keep 'em coming!

Until Next time,


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