Friday, June 03, 2005

Wow, What a Week!

Indeed, what a week it's been. There's lots to talk about, so let's get right into it:

First, I hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend last week. I certainly enjoyed my four days off with the family, and I appreciate Mike taking over blogging responsibilities for me...

I'd like to congratulate all the performers of the World's Greatest Magic Show:

Kevin James
Paul Kozak
Joseph Gabriel
The Majestix

They've all won the International Magic Awards, which will be presented to them this week in Las Vegas at the Greek Isles Casino, where the show is performed nightly! I can personally say that it is an award well-deserved!

As you know, Tony Blanco has officially joined the Hocus Pocus crew Tuesday, and he has fit like a glove! It's as if he's been here forever! I couldn't be happier with this new crew, and it means that Hocus Pocus will be an even MORE well-oiled machine than it was...

This week at the shop has been non-stop BUSY. With the Monday holiday, Tuesday morning came with a BANG! Thanks to all of you, it has been one of the largest weeks Hocus Pocus has ever had. In fact, we shipped out so many packages every day this week, we had to schedule an additional 3rd UPS pick-up! Bravo to all of you!

Big news department: I have secured another exclusive for Hocus Pocus. Mike may have tipped you last week about this: the product is Cerebro Solo, and it reads INCREDIBLE! The best part is that the product delivers on every written word describing it and its possibilities! I urge you to read the description on the site.

Another hot item, straight from Bill Abbott's working repertoire, is The Thing! Check out the description and the online video of Bill performing The Thing live on the street here! Through exclusive arrangement, Hocus Pocus will be the only supplier of The Thing for a limited time. Pre-order yours now for guaranteed delivery. Remember, it will be here before it will be available anywhere else!

There are also a ton of new books and DVDs Mike has been putting on this week, so spend some time and check them out. The faster I give these new products to Mike to put on the site, the faster he puts them up.

On the home front this weekend, my sons Cole and Max are hosting their first-ever garage sale! Cole's been going to every relative in the family collecting things to sell. Out garage is so full of stuff, it looks like a scene from Sanford & Son! While Cole runs his garage sale, Max will have his Novelty Table set up as well. It will be very interesting to see how the day unfolds, and I'll be sure to inform you about it next week. Cole's goal is to earn as much money as he can to purchase a laptop computer! Max just wants the cash!

My daughter, Renee, is graduating from U.C. Santa Barbara next Saturday! Betty and I are extremely proud of how hard she's worked to earn her bachelor's degree in psychology. Wow! It really is mind-numbing to believe that she's been away for four very short years! Time does fly, and I'm shaking my head in disbelief as I write this...

So there you have it: quite a full week, and it was only four days! I can't wait to see what a full five days will be like next week!

Until next time,


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