Friday, March 24, 2006

And So It Goes...

Greetings from the ever-condensing warehouse here at good ol' Hocus Pocus. The blog is mine once again as Paul has undergone some minor surgery. I spoke to Betty, his wife, last evening, and Paul is doing fine; better than expected as a matter of fact. So, we're all taking bets as to when his first day back will be. I'm surprised it wasn't yesterday immediately following the operation!

Channing Pollock 1927-2006

I was shocked, as I'm sure you were, of hearing about the passing of the great Channing Pollock earlier this week. Channing Pollock was legendary. According to most experts, he is probably one of the most influential magicians of the 20th century. He had a fascinating career which emcompassed films and magic. Whenever you see a magician performing a dove production, we know we can thank Channing Pollock for such innovation, as he was the creator of the modern "Dove Act." His technique with cards was so close to perfection, that very few have been able to accomplish what he did on stage. He will be sorely missed!

Last Tuesday marked the conclusion of the semi-annual Most Embarrassing Moment, a contest I hold on the Mike on the Mic Radio Program on Magic Broadcast. Congratulations go to Magic Chaz from West Virginia who called in with an unbelievable embarrassing moment. It won him a slew of prizes, including the 2 MasterMinds DVDs by Criss Angel and R. Paul Wilson's new Spectrum Deck we donated! Make sure you listen to the show every Tuesday evening at 8:15 PM PST to find out how you can be a winner, too!

We're slowly integrating supplies and equipment into our new location, which has been freshly painted and the carpets cleaned! I can't wait to officially move in with all that new space. We're also making improvements to our Internet connection as I've been talking with some IT companies about having T1 speed at the new place. So if you think we're fast in putting up the hottest and newest products on the web now, wait until next month! We'll all be happy and comfortable in Hocus Pocus' new home!

On the home front, I love my new house! Everything is literally falling into place as the boxes disappear. I've donated and gotten rid of a lot of personal items and magic to accommodate the new space, and I couldn't be happier and more comfortable! The Salvation Army knows me well as I make a donation overy other day or so, and they're now thinking of making me an honorary member!

So that about does it for this week. I'm sure Paul will be back to his regularly scheduled blog next week.

Until then, have a fantastic well-rested weekend!


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