Friday, March 17, 2006

Erin Go Bragh!

It's time to bring out the corned beef, cabbage, and let the green beer flow! If you celebrate St. Patrick's Day, here's to you! Our very own Tony Blanco will be celebrating in Fresno's Fagan's Irish Pub dressed in a leprechaun performing magic for all! Let's hope he stays sober...


The excitement is building here. The offices are slowly being emptied out and transported over to our new facility, but the phones remain. The offices are being painted this weekend, and after that, we'll start moving full force!

Here's your way to be a part of the Hocus Pocus Wall of Fame: If you have an 8" X 10" photo, autograph it and send it to us. I've collected many autographed photos over the years and have never had the space to display them. That is, until now. So send yours to:

Hocus Pocus
2311 E. McKinley Ave.
Fresno, CA. 93703

As many of you know, I've told you about my youngest son, Max, who's beyond car crazy. He's stuck on cars from the 1960s-1970s and knows everything there is to know about them! This weekend, the AutoRama is coming to town, and Max and I will be first in line tomorrow to experience the thrill of it all! He'll be in hog heaven as we walk through aisles and aisles of custom cars, each one better than the last. It's still raining here, even though Monday is the official first day of Spring... It's a good thing the AutoRama is indoors!

Later this afternoon, Mike and I will be compiling a list of estate and collectible items we came across during this move, so if you are a member, be on the lookout. If not, make sure you sign up to become a member today and get first dibs on some of this great magic!

Until next time,


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